Guided tours of the Roman Baths of Agnano in Naples to discover the beautiful archaeological site

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Also for this year at the wonderful archaeological site of Roman Baths of Agnano, in Naples, the special appointments with the guided tours. In particular, for this month the dates to mark will be Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January 2023.

This special tour, organized by GAN, Or the Neapolitan Archaeological Group, they will allow you to get to know this place rich in history and many curiosities. For the visit, we advise you to wear comfortable clothing with long trousers and sneakers.

The complex of Agnano

The Thermal Complex of Agnano is located a few kilometers from the city center, in particular it is located in the Campi Flegrei west of the city. The first thermal structures date back to the Augustan and Julio-Claudian ages, therefore between the XNUMXst century BC and the XNUMXst century AD.

Within this complex there are two zones, one comprising the frigidarium and warm environments, while the second area includes a series of smaller rooms used as locker rooms and deposits of ointments and perfumes.

Il frigidarium it has two basins, a smaller one rectangular in shape, and the other semicircular with three niches in the back wall. It was precisely during the excavations of the frigidarium that four statues were found: one of marine Venus, one of armed Aphrodite, one of Hermes with the child Dionysus and one of Ganymede.

The entire complex had a water supply system, i.e. theSerino aqueduct which then in turn poured into two basins through a secondary conduit, from here the water then reached the individual rooms.

Contacts and information

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  • Where: Terme di Agnano, via Agnano Astroni, 24
  • When: from Saturday 28 January 2023 to Sunday 29 January 2023, from 11:00
  • Prezzi:
    • Ticket: €5
    • Under 13: Free
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