The guided evening tours with tastings at the Solfatara in Pozzuoli continue in October 2015

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Unique atmospheres and excellent geothermal cuisine will be the protagonists of visits to the Solfatara of Pozzuoli!

Il 17, 24 and 31 October 2015, Solfatara it will be the theater of "October in Solfatara", the cycle of evening guided tours and tastings at the famous Puteolan volcano.

During the exceptional journey, visitors, accompanied by an Italian guide, will be able to know and discover the most fascinating and famous places of the millennial Phlegrean site, like the Pozzo, the Fangaia, the ancient Stoves and the Fumaroles.

And right at the famous Fumarole della Bocca Grande geothermal cuisine, with tasting of delicious anchovies cooked in the steam released at a temperature of 160 degrees and pleasantly surrounded by an excellent glass of Falanghina wine from Campi Flegrei.

Games of light, shadows, colors, flavors, smells and the extraordinary evening atmosphere, will make the Solfatara experience even more magical and extraordinary, a true sensorial journey to 360 degrees among the timeless beauties of the most beloved site frequented by citizens and tourists.

Information about October in Solfatara

When: the 17, the 24 and the 31 October 2015
Where: Solfatara, Via Solfatara 161 (Pozzuoli)
Schedule: 20:30
Ticket price:

  • Adults: € 15
  • Children from 5 to 12 years: 6 €
  • Children in 0 5 years: free
  • Cars: 3 €
  • Motorcycles: 2 €

Information: 081 5262341 | geothermal @ solfatara | website Solfatara volcano
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