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Lievito Madre, Pizzeria Sorbillo on the seafront: Menu and Prices


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Yeast of Madre a Mare, the new pizzeria of Sorbillo, is a restaurant expensive or not? Here are the prices of his pizzas!

Among the most famous pizzerias in Naples we can not fail to mention Sorbillo in Via dei Tribunali, but as already mentioned, the historical site is no longer the only place to taste the famous Gino pizza.

Mother Yeast at the Sea is the pizzeria arrived on the promenade freed of Naples, with precision a Via Partenope 1, which will not be just a trivial copy of the one located in the center.

Everything is based on the number Seven, therefore only a limited choice of products for each dish: 7 appetizers, 7 sweets, 7 white wines, 7 red wines, 7 beers (only artisanal, also gluten-free), 7 drinks and, of course, 7 Pizzas.

What are the Seven selected pizzas from Gino Sorbillo? Here are the names and the special ingredients.

The 7 Pizzas of Mother Yeast at the Sea

Ancient Margherita

Ancient Slow Food Tomatoes from Naples, Fior di Latte Misto Bufala, Extra Virgin Mastroianni Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Basil.

Price: 5,80 €.

Irpino salami (also with the addition of chilli)

Ancient Slow Food Tomatoes of Naples, Artisanal Salt Type "Napoli", Fior di Latte Misto Bufala, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crapareccia.

Price: 6,80 €.

Ciccioli and Ricotta

Ricotta di Bufala Fresca, Ciccioli, Mixed Milk Bufala Milk, Ground Black Pepper.

Price: 6,80 €.


Corbara Deco Pomodorino, Smoked Provola, Bufala, Extra Virgin Mastroianni Oil ,.

Price: 7,80 €.


Tomato Piennalo del Vesuvio PDO, Black Olives of Matese and Capers Lacrimelle, Smoked Provola Mixed Bufala, Oregano Matese, Anchovies of Cetara.

Price: 7,80 €.

Torzelle and Roman Concia

Torzelle * of Integrated Agriculture (According to availability, Torzella with Scarole or Broccoli may be replaced in some periods), Fior di Latte and Romano Conciato **.

* "Regina" vegetable of the Neapolitan Married Soup.
** The most ancient cheese of Italy.

Price: 7,50 €.

Fresh tomato DOP

Tomatoes Pacchetelle del Vesuvio, Fior di Mulled Bufala Milk, Smoked Provola Bisto Bufala, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Price: 7,00 €.


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