In Scampia the new Federico II medical center, in place of a Vela

Scampia University
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Excellent news regarding the project of theFederico II University in Scampia, in fact, as announced by the mayor of Naples, the mayor Gaetano Manfredi, the official closure of the construction site of the structure that will host i new degree courses in health professions and medicine.

The realization of this wonderful project, which also includes the enhancement of the Scampia district, was possible thanks to an agreement signed on 5 April 2006 between the Campania Region, the Municipality of Naples and the Federico II University, with funding from 50 million euro.

The headquarters was born in place of one of the sails.

The new structure

The project of the new structure was outlined by the architect Vittorio Gregotti, right in that place where the Vela H was located in Scampia. The new pole develops on an area of ​​10.000 square meters.

Within the facility, that spread over 5 floors, students will find:

  • training and refreshment points;
  • un college store;
  • newsstands;
  • secretariats;
  • a big Great Hall with 600 seats;
  • 15 classrooms;
  • a library;
  • educational and multimedia workshops;
  • a floor completely dedicated to health functions.

And so, already in the middle of September 2022, students will be able to enroll and attend the new facility located in Scampia, a adequate transport plan.

Image source: Il Denaro

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