AcquaFlash by Licola is official. When it reopens, date and information

AcquaFlash, former Pareo Park

Water Flash it was the pinnacle of water parks, a real meeting point for those looking for fun in the sun. When she closed, she left a hole that nor Pareo Park nor Magic World they knew how to fill. Now that there is talk of its reopening, many are excited and hope to relive those special moments. A new golden era awaits park.

The return of Licola's Flash Water

Il percorso of Acqua Flash was unique: from undisputed leader to witness of the attempts, and then of the failure, of other parks such as Pareo Park and Magic World. Now, his return marks a revenge. With the'opening of channels up Facebook e Instagram, and the arrival of a new one website, Acqua Flash is regaining its place in the hearts of fans. These social channels, adorned with the claim “Some loves don't end, they take huge slides and then come back”, they feed the nostalgia andexcitement for reopening.

The reopening date of the former Pareo Park and Magic World

In June 2024, Acqua Flash will reopen its gates. His rebirth, in line with the claim, is a powerful symbol. It proves that, despite the fleeting success of its successors, the true spirit of Acqua Flash cannot be extinguished. Furthermore, on the cover of the Facebook page you can clearly read the AcquaFlash reopening date: June 2024.

Who purchased Acqua Flash

La rebirth of Acqua Flash was made possible by V Park and from vision by Gianluca Vorzillo. They saw beyond the failure of previous attempts and saw the opportunity to breathe life back into a place that, for many, was more than just a water park. Theirs commitment promises to bring Acqua Flash back to his original glory.

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