Royal Palace of Caserta, extraordinary opening to admire the sunrise

Promenade in the park at Royal Palace of Caserta
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Special initiative at Royal Palace of Caserta, we are talking about the event Dawn at the Royal Palace of Caserta which will take place on Saturday 26 August 2023 starting at 05:30. For this special appointment, the Reggia will open exceptionally and will give guests gifts a truly unforgettable experience.

Strolling on foot in the Royal Park and in the English Garden you will be able to hear the wonderful sound of nature upon waking up and completely immerse yourself in it.

The shows in the Royal Park

Once you arrive at the Royal Palace of Caserta at 05:30 you can watch the wonderful spectacle of dawn and later, you can take part in the two shows organized by Sound project.

In particular:

  • All 07:00 at the Castelluccia the story of the Royal Park and the Bosco Vecchio will be told
  • At 08:00 at English garden curiosities about this place will be told

In the background to the two stories there will be eighteenth century music. It can also be done Breakfast with coffee and sweets for only 2 euros at the Cafeteria of the Museum in the Telescope which will open at 06:00.

How to visit the Reggia at dawn

In order to take part in this event you will need to purchase a ticket, available both on TicketOne or directly at the ticket office on site.

You can choose two ticket methods, namely:

  • Park Only Ticket at a cost of € 10
  • Full ticket Park + Apartments at 15 euro.

The apartments can be visited starting at 08:30. Until 08:30 it will be possible to access only from Piazza Carlo di Borbone and until this time it will not be possible to access by bike and the shuttle, golf cart and bike rental services will not be active.

Contacts and information

Official website | Fcaebook page | TicketOne

  • Where: Palace of Caserta
  • When: Saturday 26 August 2023, from 05 pm
  • Prezzi:
    • Park ticket only: €10
    • Park ticket + apartments: €15
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