Andy Warhol at the Pan in Naples with the Vetrine exhibition

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The Vetrine exhibition by Andy Warhol arrives at the Pan and exhibits the works that bind the artist to Naples, as well as his most important Pop Art masterpieces

Andy Warhol, one of the most influential artists of the Pop Art movement, will finally be on show also in Naples. From the 18 April to the 20 July 2014, the Pan will host the “Vetrine” exhibition, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva and organized by Spirale d'idee in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Naples. The exhibition will be free for the first three daysi (Information).

The name of the exhibition is a reference to the works of graphic designer and window dresser that Warhol carried out in New York, in the 50s, at the shops of Madison Avenue; years during which the works on paper taken from the series saw the birth Golden Shoes.

This is a very special event for our city because the works on display represent above all a tribute that Warhol wanted to dedicate to Naples. They will be exhibited 150 works which well represent the strong bond that the artist had with Naples, a bond born in the 70s thanks to the meeting with the gallery owner Lucio Amelio.

This friendship was the starting point for the creation of one series of portraits of characters linked to the city, including Graziella Lonardi Buontempo, Ernesto Esposito, Peppino di Bernardo and of course Joseph Beuys, through whom Warhol was able to tell Naples. Not only that, our city is also represented and described through a series of entitled views Napoliroid.

However, what left its mark on Andy Warhol's soul most was one of the most catastrophic events of the 80s: the earthquake which struck Irpinia. An event so powerful and terrible that it does not leave the artist indifferent. First of all, on the morning of November 23, 1980, his best known headline work, Hurry up, came to life on the first page of Il Mattino, in the form of a scream intent on giving the news of the earthquake.

A few years later, then, inspired by this natural event, Andy Warhol decided to devote himself to another powerful protagonist of the lives of the Neapolitans, Vesuvius. The group of serigraphs in which he represents it, calls Vesuvius, consists of a series of obsessively repeated images of the volcano with different colors and will also be on display at the Pan.

Vesuvius serigraphy by andy warhol

The exhibition will also host the series Ladies and Gentlemen from 1975, with all the acetates and polaroids, the drawings made in 1978 taking inspiration from the photographs of Wilhelm von Gloeden and the very famous series Marilyn of the 1967. The one signed in the 1985 by Warhol himself will also be present with the words Marilyn this is not by me.

Among the other works on display, you can admire them cover born from the collaborations that he had with record companies, singers and i musical groups and that soon they entered the history of rock.

The gallery will be closed by the serigraphs of the Campbell's soup and Camoufflage, the so-called “sculpture-boxes” and the t-shirts made by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, which are well suited to industrial production techniques and the nascent mass society increasingly devoted to consumerism.

Information shows Showcases by Andy Warhol

When: from the 18 April to the 20 July 2014
Where: Pan | Palace of the Arts of Naples, Via dei Mille 60
Ticket prices:

  • Full: 8 euros
  • Reduced (Over 60-police not on duty, Arci members, teachers): 6 euros
  • University students: 5 euros
  • 4 euro Boys from 6 years completed to 17 accomplished / Invalids
  • Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children): 17 euros
  • Homage: Invalide Accompanying, Journalist with Card, Law Enforcement, children up to 5 years
  • Groups Schools: 4 euro + presale (booking through call-center)
  • Adult Groups: 6 euro + presale (booking via call-center)

Timetables: every day (except Tuesday) from 9.30 to 19.30, Sunday from 9.30 to 14.30. The exhibition halls on the XNUMXst and XNUMXnd floors are closed on Tuesday.

Info and reservations:

  • Mobile: 3930839148 (also for booking guided tours)
  • phone: 081 3630018
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