Lobsters in Naples in Largo San Martino, creations by Philip Colbert

The Lobster Empire by Philip Colbert
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The work of art"The Lobster Empire” di Philip Colbert arrives at the Vomero, exposed to Largo San Martino twigs 21 April to 15 July 2023. The event is curated by Catherine Loewe, organized by Bam Eventi D'Arte and promoted by the Municipality of Naples.

Quattro large sculptures starring the Lobsters in key pop, the artist's alter ego, full of symbolism and references to the contemporary. The exhibition was promoted by the Municipality of Naples in collaboration with @bam_eventi_d_arte_ eventi and the @philipcolbert studio.

Colbert's Hyper Pop Lobsters

Colbert got international acclaim and a global following thanks to his works in hyper-pop style. The lobster in version cartoon, reminiscent of a cartoon character, is also one of his own alter ego, loved by both adults and children. The exhibition "The Lobster Empire" arrives in Naples after the success achieved in Roma, where it was set up in via Veneto, attracting the interest of numerous visitors.

Inauguration and contribution to Neapolitan culture

At the inauguration on April 22 in Naples, they will participate among others Sergio Locoratolo, coordinator of cultural policies of the Municipality of Naples and delegate of the mayor, Teresa Armato, Councilor for Tourism and Productive Activities, and Maria Grazia Vitelli, city councilor, who proposed the initiative in Naples. The exhibition will be open until mid-July, contributing to theenrichment of the cultural offer of the Neapolitan city.

The Councilor for Tourism, Teresa Armato, underlines how Philip Colbert, one of most innovative authors recently, you have created a further tourist attraction in Naples in an area already a destination for visitors for the Certosa di San Martino and Castel Sant'Elmo.

The artist Scottish gives a new vision of art with its lobsters that also recall symbols of classical antiquity and contemporary works of art. In collaboration with the fifth municipality, the exhibition will be included in the summer tourist itineraries.

  • Where: Largo San Martino
  • When: from Friday 21 April 2023 to Saturday 15 July 2023
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