Archeobus in the Phlegraean Fields, the shuttle departs for the main archaeological sites

Castle of Baia
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From Saturday 11 June 2022 resumes service Archeobus of the EAV, the bus that connects the main sites of archaeological interest of the Phlegraean Fields.

It is a departing coach from Lucrino to get to Miseno and vice versa, passing through the stations near Castello di Baia, Piscina Mirabilis, Sella di Baia and Baia allowing citizens and tourists to discover the wonderful archaeological sites of the whole area.

This interesting service was born 4 years ago as a further step for the enhancement of heritage historical-archaeological of the Phlegraean Fields.

Timetables and stops

In the following table you can consult all the stops and times starting point of the Archeobus.

Archeobus 2022 timetable

Vomero-Miseno shuttle

We point out that, again from 11 June, the bus service that connects the Vomero to Miseno also leaves to allow everyone to reach the beaches.

In our article all the details on timetables, prices and stops.

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