Bus from Vomero to Miseno: timetables, stops and prices of the shuttle to the sea

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As every year, the shuttle from Vomero, in Naples, will lead in Miseno to allow citizens and tourists to reach the beaches of the area.

It is a service made available by EAV every day starting from Saturday 11 June 2022 throughout the season.

Let's see together what are the timetables and the route with the stops in detail.

Bus timetables from Vomero to Miseno

Here are the return times:

  • Outward journey from piazza Muzii: 8.00 - 9.00 - 10.00 - 11.00
  • Return from Miseno: 15.00 pm - 16.00 pm - 17.00 pm - 18.00 pm

The route and the stops

Below, the shuttle stops:

P.zza Muzii (terminus) - P.zza Arenella (ANM post) - Via Piscicelli (ANM post height 98) - Via Altamura (shelter height TOTAL ERG distributor and ANM post opposite Q8 petrol station) - Via Rossini (ANM post of in front of the swimming pool) - Vico Acitillo (ANM pole, De Michele pastry shop height) - Via Gemito (ANM pole, Galiano Appliances height) - Via Cilea (shelter at civic 56 height and ANM pole height 118) - Via Piave (ANM pole, Minucci Pharmacy height and pole ANM newsstand height) - Viale Traiano (ANM pole) - Loggetta (ANM newsstand height pole) - ring road entrance-Miseno terminus.

Ticket prices

Tickets can be purchased at the points of sale or on board and the prices are:

  • 2,80 euros at the ticket office for a single journey;
  • 3,50 euros on board for a single journey.

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