Pansini High School closes, how long will the works and the ANM shuttles last

Pansini High School

The headquarters of the Adolfo Pansini high school between Vomero and Soccavo closes for urgent renovation works, prompting over 500 students to temporarily move to via San Domenico.
To make travel easier, An ANM shuttle service has been organised. The works should be completed by the start of the 2025/2026 school year, when students will be able to return to their historic home, now safer and more welcoming.

The reasons for the school closure

The decision to temporarily close the headquarters of Adolfo Pansini High School arises from the need to undertake interventions urgent and unpostponable for the safety of students and staff. Jobs that include the restoration , renovation of various parts of the building, reported as no longer compliant with current safety standards.

The school, located in the heart of the Vomero district, is a point of reference for education in the city of Naples. The building, rich in history and life, has reached a point where intervention is essential to ensure it continues to be a safe and welcoming place for future generations.

The works that will be carried out at Liceo Pansini

The renovation works at Adolfo Pansini High School they aim to transform the building into a safer, more modern and functional space. Areas of intervention include:

  • Structures: Reinforcement of the load-bearing structures to guarantee the seismic safety of the building.
  • Classrooms: Renovation of classrooms with cutting-edge teaching technologies, promoting interactive and stimulating learning.
  • Common spaces: Redevelopment of atriums, corridors and common spaces to make them more welcoming and versatile, suitable for various educational and recreational activities.
  • Installations: Upgrading electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems to improve energy efficiency and comfort.
  • How to get to the Genoa Aquarium in the ancient port: Improving accessibility to ensure all students, regardless of their needs, can enjoy spaces without barriers.

ANM shuttles for student transport

To minimize the inconvenience caused by the temporary transfer of students, theNeapolitan Mobility Company (ANM) has activated a dedicated shuttle service. An initiative made possible thanks to the collaboration between Metropolitan City of Naples, Municipality and the ANM itself.

The shuttles, free for high school students, they will connect directly the old headquarters of the high school in Piazza Quattro Giornate al Vomero with the new temporary headquarters in via San Domenico. A service that ensures that students can easily reach the new headquarters, in order to help them maintain some normality in their daily routine, despite the change.

  • Frequency and times: Shuttle runs have been scheduled to align with school timetables, ensuring full coverage during drop-off and drop-off times.
  • Capacity: The shuttles have been selected to ensure adequate space for all students who need it, avoiding overcrowding and ensuring comfortable journeys.

When the works are finished and the school reopens

The completion of the renovation works at Adolfo Pansini High School and the consequent return of the students to the historic site are awaited with great interest by the entire school community. Current forecasts indicate the reopening of the school for the start of the 2025/2026 school year.

In this period, the temporary school in via San Domenico will become the beating heart of educational activities, allowing students to continue their educational journey without interruptions. The careful management of this transitional phase is essential to maintain a high level of training provision and to ensure a stimulating and welcoming environment for students, even far from the original location.

  • Continuous monitoring: The management of the high school, in close collaboration with the bodies involved, will follow the progress of the work to keep the school community informed and to better manage school logistics.
  • Periodic updates: Regular updates will be provided on the progress of the work and any changes to the expected timescale, to keep all interested parties fully informed.

With the reopening of the renovated headquarters, students will be able to enjoy completely renovated spaces, designed to meet contemporary educational needs and to promote dynamic and interactive learning.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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