Piazza degli Artisti in Naples is renewed: pedestrian area and underground parking

Photo of Piazza degli Artisti in Naples taken from google maps

Piazza degli Artisti in the neighborhood Vomero of Naples is ready to take on a new face, in fact, the restyling project of the square that connects via Tino da Camaino, via Luca Giordano, the Antignano market and the De Bustis market is ready, a project approved by the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage.

Many new features are planned, such as the appurtenant underground parking, pedestrianization of the central area with flowerbeds, trees and benches, and much more, works that should be completed within three years of the starting date. A camphor tree will also be planted.

An initiative that should aim at the well-being of citizens, to make the area more livable and usable.

The pedestrianized area

The project provides for the full pedestrianization of the public space on the surface, disabled parking spaces, as well as those for the electric scooters and bikes, will be decentralized at the edge of the streets that delimit the entire square. The intervention area will be extended up to via Pacio Bertini, providing for the extension of the Vesuvian paving stones that surround the fenced garden of one of the two historical buildings.

For all other cars there will be available the underground parking.

The debate on the underground parking in Vomero

Il underground parking of Piazza degli Artisti has been at the center of debates and controversies for several years now. In 2018, in fact, the works were blocked due to protests by the No Box committees. The project was then subject to modifications and revisions.

In recent days, the Superintendence has given the green light, provided, however, that they are respected the monumental criteria. Among these, there is certainly the protection of monumental lighting and the conservation of Vesuvian paving stones. A detailed lighting project will be presented to ensure that the needs of street and monumental lighting are met.

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Written by Serena De Luca
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