Restyling of the Belvedere di San Martino in Naples with works by young artists

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The Belvedere di San Martino is one of the characteristic places of the city of Naples and has currently undergone a restyling project entitled “Outside the fence - outside the fence”.

It is a special initiative undertaken by some beginner artists with the aim of improving a situation of degradation through art. This part of the city in fact pours into conditions of abandonment, "It has been fenced for about two years and seems to be destined to die" as stated by Ruben D'Agostino, an artist very often the protagonist of civic protests with an artistic background.

Outside the fence

The initiative, in addition to involving Ruben D'Agostino, will involve other emerging artists, who through their art will embellish the area of ​​interest. Among these there will be Andrea Tortora, Raffaele Passariello and Sara Citarella, who will go to exhibit their personal works of art along the grate of the belvedere. These will be:

  • Hidden and Get Together by Andra Tortora
  • One is all and all are one by Raffaelle Passariello
  • Pink Drama by Sara Citarella
  • Ruben D'Agostino with his work The Dancing Joker

A way both to bring up this part of the city and thus improve its aesthetic part, but also to introduce young emerging artists who have difficulty in emerging.

The initiative does not stop with four artists, but as explained by Ruben, it is open to all those street artists who create contemporary works.

The Dancing Joker

The Dancing Joker is the work of Ruben D'Agostino and is inspired by the film by Joaquin Phoenix. The protagonist is a character that is the fruit of a sick society which is experiencing a state of frustration and marginalization.

Ruben's work portrays Joker in a happy moment, when Joaquin descends the staircase.

Image source: Il Mattino

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