The park of the former Gasometer in Vomero reopens: after 20 years the green area is back

Ex gasometer park

Finally, as anticipated by the Green Councilor of the Municipality of Naples, that is Vincent Santagada, by the end of June 2023 the Park in the area of ​​the former Gasometer in Viale Raffaello al Vomero.

Work in this area started decades ago, especially in the late 90s when the mayor Bassolino started the project and the works for the creation of green areas in all the districts of the city and at the same time also the recovery of this large abandoned area. Then later they were blocked and then resumed a few years ago.

An area of ​​well will thus be returned to the citizens 14.000 square meters at the end of the works which provided for the safety of the entire area with specific naturalistic engineering interventions

How will the park be structured?

The new Park, built with natural materials, will be subdivided in two areasone flat and one sloping. They will be present pedestrian routes, play areas for children and a small cavea for about 100 seats with about 30 concentric gardens of various sizes.

There will be orange groves, peco, chestnut, almond and walnut trees and many other plants that will make up all the vegetation of this place. In short, it will be a nice area to spend pleasant moments in company and where children can have fun and play together.

Also scheduled are the redevelopment works of three city parks: Parco di Viale del Poggio, Fratelli De Filippo and San Gennaro.

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Written by Serena De Luca
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