Piazza degli Artisti, a new roundabout to stop traffic

Photo of Piazza degli Artisti in Naples taken from google maps
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In response to the growing traffic problems in Piazza degli Artisti, the municipal administration has announced the introduction of a new experimental roundabout to significantly improve traffic flow in an often congested area.

The problem of traffic paralyzed in Piazza degli Artisti with the current road system

In recent times, Piazza degli Artisti has witnessed a remarkable traffic congestion, especially during rush hour. The current configuration of the roads limits the turning options for vehicles coming from via Tino da Camaino, creating very strong traffic jams queues e delays significant. Furthermore, the restriction of the route for vehicles in the direction of via San Gennaro ad Antignano and the alteration of the route of the bus line 147 have further complicated the situation, negatively impacting the daily mobility of citizens and the liveability of the area.

The new roundabout and the new road system in Piazza degli Artisti

To effectively deal with the traffic congestion, one was designed experimental roundabout with diameter of 25 meters at the end of via Tino da Camaino. The new infrastructure will allow for smooth turning towards via Recco and will facilitate the reversal of the direction of travel, thus improving vehicular flow. Although access to via San Gennaro in Antignano remains precluded due to the small size of the road, the implementation of the roundabout However, it represents a step forward to alleviate vehicular pressure in the area and raise the quality of life of residents. The roundabout is the result of collaboration between the technicians of the Road Service and Municipality 5.

The project of the new roundabout in Piazza degli Artisti in Naples

The restoration of the original route of bus 147

The introduction of the roundabout allowed the restoration of the original route of the 147 bus line, which now crosses Piazza degli Artisti again, which will reduce waiting times.

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