Bagnoli in Naples, the wharf and the park gate soon reopen

Bagnoli wharf
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The Mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, announced after a meeting which was also attended by the Minister for the South Carfagna, the willingness of the municipal administration to reopen for temporary use some spaces of the former Italsider district, such as the jetty and the Park Gate.

These reopenings will have to take place by July, the month by which the asbestos removal. In addition, the program will also include the construction of a parking lot managed by the ANM and the extension of line 6 of the underground.

The City of Science Museum and the removal of the bridging

During this meeting, other important issues were also discussed, for example the area where the building will be rebuilt was identified. City of Science museum, destroyed in 2013 by a fire. The property will be located on the opposite side of the sea, in a space that previously housed a parking lot.

The possibility of freeing up the disputes that block the redevelopment activity is also being evaluated, in addition to the reclamation at sea with the removal of the fill, so that citizens can regain possession of the beaches.

Debts of the Municipality canceled

The Bankruptcy Court ordered the cancellation of all debts of the Municipality of Naples towards the other public entities involved in the Bagnoli district.

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