Bagnoli, finally canceled all the debts of the Municipality of Naples

Former Italsider area of ​​Bagnoli
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Good news arrives regarding the now long-standing issue relating to Bagnoli and the heavy debts of the Municipality, which amounted to about half a billion euros.

The seventh section of the Bankruptcy Court of Naples has completely canceled the debts that the Municipality has towards other public entities or not, laying the foundations for a global pre-agreement settlement which will then lead to the signing of a formal agreement by 13 July 2022.

The pre-agreement provides for the cancellation of all civil, administrative and environmental disputes, including those between the Municipality of Naples and Fintecna. In this case, the Municipality was sentenced to pay 80 million euros.

Therefore the municipal administration he won't have to pay anything thanks to this agreement between the parties for the conclusion of which the president of the Bankruptcy Court also pushed a lot. Gianpiero Scoppa, putting an end to problems that have been going on for decades.

The new project for Pontile and Porta del Parco

A few days ago, moreover, is the news on the will of the Municipality of reopen some spaces for temporary use of the Bagnoli district, like the jetty and the Park Gate.

These places should reopen by July and the work of complete removal of asbestos.

Photo source: Wikiepdia (Baku user)


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