Base per Altezza, 5 concerts at the Bagnoli Porta del Parco auditorium. The program

Gate of the Park in Bagnoli

From January 19 to February 27 2024, the Auditorium “Gateway to the Park” di Bagnoli comes alive with the review "Base multiplied for height". The event, created with the contribution of the Municipality of Naples and organized by AudioLive FM, part of the project “Naples City of Music”, offers five unique concerts. The event explores different musical genres, linked by original languages ​​and forms of expression, in a continuous discovery of musical art.

Scheduled concerts

  1. “Brew 4et: a jazz event” (January 19): On stage, Giuseppe Giroffi (saxophones), Gianluca Manfredonia (vibraphone), Luca Varavallo (double bass) and Alex Perrone (drums) will present ten new songs, combining tradition and contemporaneity.
  2. “Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations” (January 24): The pianist Andrea Bacchetti, an internationally renowned artist, will perform Bach's famous Goldberg Variations, considered the pinnacle of the composer's experiments.
  3. “Belladdio” (1st February): A meeting between music and narration, with Alessandra Borgia (acting), Cristina Vetrone (voice and accordion), Eduarda Iscaro (voice and accordion) and text by Anita Pesce, in a journey through folk music and women's stories.
  4. “Johann Sebastian Bach: Cello Suites” (February 7): Erica Piccotti, enfant prodigy cellist and Young Artist of the Year 2020 at ICMA, will perform three of Bach's six suites for solo cello.
  5. “Father and Son (chasing Chet Baker)” (February 27): A tribute to Chet Baker with Antonello Cossia (acting), Francesco Scelzo (guitar) and Enrico Valanzuolo (trumpet), in a narrative that intertwines historical truth and fiction.

The review "Base multiplied for height" also includes four workshops for local schools, with guided listening, a Focus on Chet Baker and open rehearsals.

Shows start at 20pm, with €30 tickets available at Subscriptions at discounted prices and discounts for advance purchases are available.

  • Where: Bagnoli Porta del Parco
  • When:
    • Friday January 19 2024
    • Wednesday January 24 2024
    • Thursday February 01 2024
    • Wednesday February 07 2024
    • Tuesday February 27 2024
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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