The Bold and the Beautiful, previews and spoilers from April 22nd to 28th

Sheila confesses to killing Finn Beautiful
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Heart-pounding week, that one from 22 to 28 April 2024, for fans of Beautiful for which, apparently, episodes full of pathos and twists are expected. The plot will essentially revolve around Sheila and about the fact that she is still alive and, above all, in Los Angeles. The woman will “apparate” in front of Finn and Steffy and, surprisingly, she will come favored to run away from someone who will deem her worthy of a second chance. Curious to find out what will happen? Follow us!

Katie's life in danger?

An intense week for The Bold and the Beautiful, which will open on the episode of Monday 22 April. Warning: we'll see Katie particularly worried. It will have to go to your cardiologist with some urgency and this will make her anxious. Could your days be numbered? The girl he will be in hospital for hospitalization and Brooke will inform Carter who, surprisingly, decides to go and visit her, surprising her. But don't worry, the doctor will be reassuring: everything is going well!

Finn and Steffy worry about Sheila

They are now certain: Sheila is alive! This is why for Finn and Steffy, but not only, a Really strange Christmas. Finn will be particularly struck by the arrangements that his wife has made to celebrate her Christmas: he will kiss her and, together, they will talk about the worries related to Sheila's escape. Where did she end up?

Steffy in Beautiful
Steffy in Beautiful (Mediaset Infinity)

A special Christmas in Beautiful

It will be a very special Christmas, as anticipated, for all our protagonists. The Logans, Spencers and Forresters will be reunited at the mansion for this holiday important. In an almost surreal atmosphere, Liam's speech will strike everyone's heart, most likely also of us viewers.

At the center of his speech will be the importance of traditions linked to Christmas and family: an exciting moment in which Katie and Carter will become very close. As usual, everyone will sing songs of joy in front of the piano.

Thomas cornered, what will be his fate?

Thomas manipulated everyone and his terrible plan has now come to light. Here, this time, the time will really come for him to deal with his responsibilities. The boy will come summoned before the company's Board of Directors: he will have to account for his behavior and will start speaking in front of everyone. He will apologize for what he did but no one will support him. Carter will even say how the young man betrayed everyone's trust. After being demoted, therefore, Thomas he will be fired by him, Ridge, furious with him.

Thomas Beautiful
Thomas in Beautiful (Mediaset Infinity)

Sheila goes to Steffy's house

Anxiety and fear will be increasingly palpable in The Bold and the Beautiful. Since it is clear, in fact, that Sheila is not dead, there will be no peace of mind for the Forrester family. With good reason based on what we will see! Sheila, in fact, he will sneak into Steffy's house and to do so he will tamper with the electrical system. He'll catch Finn and Steffy together, and it will be Finn who snaps to attention when he sees Sheila in front of him.

But Carter reassures him by telling him that she entered the house with only one goal, that of apologizing and being able to re-establish a relationship with his family. But what will be the reaction of the two young people? We inform you that a third person, who suddenly arrives at Steffy's house, will encourage Sheila's escape by stating that she deserves a second chance. Who will it be about?

Brooke and Taylor ready for a new life on The Bold and the Beautiful?

How many times do we hear that, as soon as we pull the rope, it will break sooner or later? Well, that's what happened to Ridge. The man was undecided until the end between Brooke and Taylor and, over the years, he really shuttled from one woman to another without making up his mind. The latest events have broken the camel's back: now Brooke and Taylor they will appear to be united. They will no longer allow Ridge to manipulate their lives! However, it will also be time for the two women to discuss Sheila and her escape..

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