Terra Amara, plot of the XL episode on Sunday 28 April on Canale 5

Zuleyha and Hakan Bitter Land

Third weekly appointment with the fourth, and final, season of Bitter land the one scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday 28 April 2024, on Canale 5. An XL episode that will start a little later than usual (15: 10 instead of 14pm) and which will end at 30pm when the line will switch to Verissimo. But what will happen? We inform you that Zuleyha will make a drastic decision on his relationship with Hakan.. Let's find out all the details together.

Bitter Earth of April 28, Hakan saved by Abdulkadir

Do you remember how the evening episode of Terra Amara on Friday 26 April 2024 ended? An unforgettable scene for all fans with Hakan's life is in danger. Hamran, in fact, points the gun at his head ready to kill him to avenge his father's assassination which occurred a few years earlier in Lebanon. A situation with apparently no way out which, however, we will see resolved thanks to the intervention of Abdulkadir who manages to disarm the young man, wounding him and forcing him to escape. Hakan, therefore, will be saved!

Hakan is afraid for Zuleyha's life

If Hakan is safe, his mind cannot help but think of Zuleyha and her children. AND what if that man, eager for revenge, decided to harm his beloved and her children? Worried, with an excuse, he will talk to Altun and convince her to leave, together with the children, for what should have been theirs nice honeymoon.

Too bad that, even on holiday, the Hakan's rather particular behavior will make Zuleyha suspicious is will follow him and she will discover that her husband is still in league with Andulkadir. She will not be aware of the reason nor will she know that her beloved is in danger: the fact is that, returning to the hotel, Zuleyha herself will make a drastic decision. He will prepare the children and will go away and for Hakan it will be a hard blow to return and find no one in the room anymore. What will happen?

Sermin and Betul homeless again

Sermin and Betul, chased away by Zuleyha and rejected by Fusun and Andulkadir, are guests of Vahap who will continue to treat them as if they were his servants. However, when his brother finds out, he will fly into a rage and order the two women to leave the house immediately. This will be how, another time, mother and daughter will meet again in the middle of the street, penniless and without a roof over their heads!

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