Befana in Naples 2024, the party returns to Piazza Mercato, the program

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In the beating heart of Napoli the magic ofEpiphany it comes to life! Imagine walking through a historic square, transformed into a true winter paradise, with twinkling lights, laughter and melodies echoing in the air.

From 3 to January 5 2024, Market Square comes alive with the Epiphany village, an annual event that celebrates the culture and traditions of the city. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of celebration, colors and unforgettable flavours. It's much more than just a party; it is a journey into tradition, a unique experience that warms the heart and ignites the imagination.

The traditional Epiphany celebration in the market square

Epiphany in Naples is an event tinged with history and culture. Market Square, which has always been a crossroads of history and trade, dresses up to welcome adults and children on this special occasion. The atmosphere is electrifying: bright lights illuminate the sky, while the air is filled with the sweet scent of Christmas sweets and the festive sound of laughter. Here, tradition meets modernity in a warm embrace, making Epiphany a moment to live and remember.

a triumph of sweets, toys and music

The party is a real triumph for the senses. The stalls colorful offer a variety of sweets e toys, perfect for filling Befana stockings. But it is not only a pleasure for her palate and eyes; it is also an experience musical unforgettable. Every evening, free concerts liven up the atmosphere, culminating with the performance of Enzo Gragnaniello. It's a celebration that combines food, fun and music, creating unforgettable memories.

Detailed program of the Befana village

The Befana Village is an event full of appointments not to be missed:

  • 3 January: The inauguration of the village will take place at 17:00. This will be followed by an evening concert by the Choir of the City of Naples at the Church of Sant'Eligio Maggiore.
  • 4 January: The festivities continue with the opening of the houses and concerts, including an evening performance by the “J. Grima”.
  • 5 January: The grand finale, with a concert by Enzo Gragnaniello in Piazza Mercato, which promises to be the pinnacle of the event.
  • Where: Market Square
  • When: from Wednesday 03 January 2024 to Friday 05 January 2024
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