Belen Rodriguez and her farewell to Reservoir Dogs "I chose."


Belen Rodriguez, pressed by the rumors, for the first time clarifies why she will no longer lead Reservoir Dogs "I left the program for other projects, but it was me who did it, they didn't send me away."

Belen Rodriguez, After the death of Silvio Berlusconi, was the first to jump from the Mediaset schedules. A bolt from the blue, which shocked everyone, especially her many fans, who have been following her on social media for some time and have never failed to see an episode of Reservoir Dogs.

The Argentine showgirl initially tried to keep silent, but after two weeks of "no comment", she decided to give an interview to, in which he first clarified what his will be professional future:

“It was I who left. I did it on purpose because I have other plans.”

Le Iene, from September we change: Veronica Gentili arrives

From September 2023, therefore, also Reservoir Dogs will change face: away the trash and the almost cheeky sensuality of Belen Rodriguez (and, together with them, also the "hot" curtains, such as the one of the dress that ripped live and showed everything), the team will welcome Veronica Gentiles, who from next autumn will be the new presenter together with Max Angioni.

Di Veronica Gentiles we know that she is a journalist, with an important career in Italian theatres, and that before de Reservoir Dogs conducted information programs such as countercurrent su Network Four. In 2021, in full pandemic, he directed Good and bad, which in many respects resembles Reservoir Dogs.

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