Treasure Hunt at Gaiola Park for Easter 2024

Treasure search at Gaiola 2024
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Saturday 30 March at 11:00 am, the Gaiola Underwater Park is transformed into a place of adventure thanks to the Easter Treasure Hunt, an event designed for children but which will involve the whole family. A morning of play and discovery in one of the most fascinating places in Naples, where nature offers its most beautiful show in spring.

An event not to be missed to give your puppies an unforgettable experience.

How the treasure hunt is organized and the planned activities

I children will turn into real treasure hunters, deciphering riddles and solving puzzles that will take them to discover the hidden secrets of the park. A journey to discover biodiversity, where every clue will help them reveal various curiosities about animals and plants present in the park. It will also be a time to talk about sustainability and environmental protection, making this adventure fun and educational.

The event will take place on the terrace of the Research and Dissemination Center of the Gaiola Underwater Park, with entrance from the access gate to the Park right at the beginning of the pedestrian section of Discesa Gaiola.

The duration will be approximately 1 hour and a half, so as not to tire our little adventurers too much.

How to register and participate in the Gaiola Treasure Hunt

To secure a place on the treasure hunt is essential make your reservation online by visiting the official website of the Gaiola Underwater Park, where you will find all the information to register for the event.

A symbolic contribution of €5 per child which will allow you to participate in this unique adventure by contributing to the support of activities in the Gaiola area. Remember to hurry, places are limited!

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