Camihawke, The end-of-year recital at the Bellini Theater in Naples

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The Bellini Theater in Naples, Wednesday March 27 2024 at 21 pm it will host a special event, namely the theatrical show entitled The End of the Year Essay di Camihawke. Produced and organized by Vivo Concerti, the show was born from an idea by Camilla Boniardi and Show Reel Factory and will be an unmissable event for all fans of the influencer.

Camilla Boniardi, better known on social media as Camihawke, during his university years he discovered that he had an innate passion for the world of the web. She then begins to share her first videos on Facebook and YouTube, attracting the attention of an ever-increasing audience.

His character is characterized by a overwhelming humor and through a variety of contents, ranging from pseudo-journalistic experiments to reflections on daily life, Camilla manages to describe the reality of social media in an ironic, sharp and sarcastic way

How to participate in the show

To participate in the show, given the limited places, it will be necessary to purchase a ticket. Each participant will be able to purchase a maximum of 4 tickets on the official website TicketOne.

Contacts and information

tickets: TicketOne | Official website

  • Where: Teatro Bellini
  • When: Wednesday 27 March 2024, from 21:00
  • Prezzi:
    • Minimum ticket: €28
    • Maximum ticket : 46€
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