Songs and sounds of the Gardens at the Bosco di Capodimonte: path through nature

Royal Palace of Capodimonte
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the renowned Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte, in collaboration with the association Friends of Capodimonte Ets e Euphorbia Ltd, enthusiastically welcomes the national initiative "Appointment in the Garden”. The appointment is for Saturday June 3 at 10: 30.

This event, sponsored byAPGI-Association of Parks and Gardens of Italy, is centered on one guided walk through the woods together withfauna expert Elio Esse. A key element of the event will be the engaging story about the extraordinary diversity of birds resident in Capodimonte.

What's it about

The event "Appointment in the Garden" offers a unique immersion in the sounds of the natural environment. The air will be pervaded by the melodies created by the songs of the birds and the whisper of the wind in the branches of the trees.

Sponsored by Ministry of Culture and by 'ANCI National Association of Italian Municipalities, the "Appointment in the Garden" initiative mirrors the "Rendez-vous aux jardins" event, which will be held simultaneously in over 20 European countries. This event aims to invite the public to discover the unsuspected historical, artistic, botanical and landscape richness of Italian gardens.

Event Participation and Booking

Access to the event is sweeper, but requires one booking mandatory. Reservation must be made by Thursday 1 June at 16.00 by sending an email to:

  • Where: Wood of Capodimonte
  • When: Saturday June 03 2023
  • Price: the event is free
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