Closing Ceremony at the San Paolo University of Naples 2019 with The Jackal, Clementino and Mahmood

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The 14 in July at San Paolo the closing ceremony of the summer Universiade, with Clementino, Mahmood and The Jackal.

The closing ceremony of the 30th summer Universiade It will take place at the San Paolo Stadium the 14 July 2019 at 21.

The concept of the great farewell evening is inspired by the completely Neapolitan rite of "suspended", the use of leaving a paid coffee for an unknown and needy person. A welcome ceremony which naturally fits into the inclusive spirit of sport.

The protagonists of the evening will obviously be the athletes, but the great parade will unfold with the light-hearted and ironic comment of the Neapolitan Youtuber collective The Jackal and will be punctuated by the musical performances of Clementino and Mahmood, as well as those of many other artists and performers.

The ceremony will end with a phantasmagoria of fireworks.

Special trains from Cumana, Circumflegrea and buses

At the end of the closing ceremony are scheduled special Cumana, Circumflegrea and Eav bus rides.

Direct TV

The ceremony can be seen live on local private channels LiraTV, Canale21, Channel 8, Repubblica TV, Piuenne, Napoli24, Minformo TV, and on the site Rai2 will transmit it delayed to 23.00

Information on the closing ceremony of the thirtieth summer Universiade

Where: at the San Paolo stadium in Naples

When: the 14 July 2019

Timetable: from 21

Price: tickets to attend the closing ceremony of the 30th Summer Universiade were offered for sale by 7 June.

The price is 4 euro for Yesterday, Tribuna lateral A and Tribune Posillipo; 2 euro for Curve A; children under 5 years enter for free, accompanied by a parent with a ticket.

Tickets can be purchased online on the official website of the event and in the usual sales circuits.

For info see the site of the Universiade or the Facebook page of the event; or write to

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