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Aldo Montano

Aldo Mountain it's a very famous one fencer and sports champion. He boasts of numerous victories and his career is characterized by numerous satisfactions. In recent times however, it has become a television personality. Let's find out more about him.

Aldo Montano, biography

Aldo Mountain was born in 1978, more precisely the November 18 (so it's from Zodiac sign the Scorpio) in Livorno and grew up in a sporting environment. In fact, both mom and dad are former Olympic fencers who specialize in saber. The young Aldo could not fail to follow in the footsteps of his family and has started training since he was just a child.

We have no information about his family of origin or even about studi carried out, but something we know in relation to the beginning of his career.

Aldo Montano's career

The famous Aldo Montano starts working in the early the nineties when he initially enlisted in the Carabinieri, but shortly after passes to the Penitentiary Police. However, as we have already mentioned, he grows up in a family of fencers and ever since he was just a child he begins to train.

It becomes famous when in 2004 participate in Athens Olympics where will win the gold medal in the individual saber category and won the silver medal in the team section. Back in Italy, he becomes guest fixed in the titled program Those that football, conducted at that time by Simona Ventura.

Retirement from the sport and the operation

The adventure like fencer by Aldo Montano ends after having participated in Tokyo Olympics which took place in 2020. At this point ends a long sporting journey characterized by victories and satisfactions. To the news of his retirement, he also adds the operation at the hip.

Montano confessed that he had to undergo a surgical operation postponed for too long and now he couldn't do without it. In fact, for the last few competitions he had relied on infiltrations and therapies of all kinds, but the problem al femur it hadn't resolved.

His participation in Big Brother Vip

Besides that he also participates in two programs very famous television and we refer to The farm e Selfie – Things change. Every now and then he is called as a guest in some sitting rooms, especially in that of Barbara D'Urso. In 2021 we saw him as a competitor of the Big Fratello Vip, in sixth edition to be precise, and we managed to get to know him better.

After only ten days stay in the house of Cinecittà, Montano goes out to take part in a event's audience very important chaired by President of the Republic Mattarella, but after doing the period of quarantine in the hotel, he returns to the house for the joy above all of Manuel Bortuzzo with whom he bonded a lot.

When Alfonso Signorini tell the contestants what the reality show was going to be extended since after the holidays of Christmas, decide to go out because he hears the lack of his family. His last participation in television dates back to 2023 when he is one of protagonists di Back to School conducted by Federica Panicucci.

Aldo Montano and the Island of the Famous 2023

One of the latest and freshest news concerning the former fencer is his landing in Honduras for The Island and Famous. In the next episode of the reality show, in all probability, he will join the other castaways. We still don't know what role, maybe it will just surprise one of the contestants.

Private life of Aldo Montano

With regard to the life private by Aldo Montano we know that he had an important relationship with the beautiful actress Manuela Arches and the love story lasts until 2006. The following year a love story begins with the showgirl Antonella Mosetti, but in 2012 they break up.

He later knows Olga Plakhina, a Russian athlete 18 years his junior. In 2016 the couple yes sposa and on February 28, 2017 their first was born daughter, Olympia, and on March 27, 2021, the second son, Mario Junior, was born.

Curiosity about Aldo Montano

All that we have told you is what we know about the Olympic champion Aldo Montano, but below we present some curiosity on him.

  • We see it as testimonial of a road safety advertisement signed by the Ministry of Transport;
  • It has many tattoos scattered over the body;
  • During the pandemic he contracted the Covid together with his wife and daughter;
  • He announced his training camp concurrently with those of Federica Pellegrini;
  • He did a little interview with Carlo Azeglio Ciampi when he was sent by those who football.

Social profiles of Aldo Montano

Aldo Montano is certainly great athlete who has written a piece of Italian sporting history and in the last period is a character in the show. However, he is also very active on social media and below we report the link directed to its official profiles.

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