Who is Alessandro Cecchi Paone, bio, coming out and curiosities

Who is Alessandro Cecchi Paone

Alessandro Cecchi Paone is a familiar face of Italian television, known as science popularizer, essayist, politician, journalist and television host. Many are associated with him programs including television Alessandro. The great achievements of the economy e The time Machine.

It is currently located in Honduras as a competitor de The Island of the Famous. Let's get to know it more closely.

Biography and academic qualifications

Alessandro Cecchi Paone is class 1961 and the September 16 in Rome. He enrolled in the Liceo Classico and after graduating from high school he continued on to University graduating in Political Science at La Sapienza University in the capital.

When he was very young, yes transfers in Spain where he meets a girl he will marry in 1993. We don't have much information about Cecchi Paone about his family of origin except that he was very close especially to his mother.

Work and career

Immediately after graduation, Alessandro finds employment in some Italian universities such as university teaching and in the same period he begins to appear on television. Her first program was a children's news and we are in 1977 and in 1990 he enrolled in the register of Journalists. In 1992 he will be the main face of the Rai2 news.

His first works on television will take place in the Rai studios, but he then moved on to Mediaset to conduct one of his most famous programs, namely The time Machine. Let's get to the XNUMXs where it will be the helmsman on MT Channel of its titled format Alexander. The great achievements of the economy and another entitled Open Space.

From 2007 it will be one of the items most popular of Radio Kiss Kiss where it leads Climate News and in 2008 he leads We bet that…? But not only. Alessandro Cecchi Paone is also involved in the field politician and in this last period we have seen him as a competitor of Back to school, Federica Panicucci's program.

Most famous programs

As already stated, Alessandro Cecchi Paone is a well-known face of Italian television and many can be associated with him programs television entertainment and science, including:

  • 1986 – The beauty of live broadcasting;
  • 1989 – Inside the news;
  • 1992/1994 – Tg2;
  • 1992/1993 – Morning 2;
  • 1995 – Chronicle cinema;
  • 1997 – Studio opened;
  • 1997/2006 – The time machine;
  • 2008 – Let's bet that…?;
  • 2007 – The Island of the Famous 5;
  • 2012 – The Island of the Famous 9;
  • 2018 – Big Brother Vip;
  • 2019/2021 – It's not the arena;
  • 2023 – Back to school and The Island of the Famous.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone at L'Isola dei Famosi

Alessandro Cecchi Paone has always done speak very much of himself as he is one of the few faces of television capable of conveying the news to young and old. Last summer he was also the focus of several gossip regarding her private life and right now she is in Honduras with her boyfriend Simone. Up to now, you have participated in two editions of the same reality, but never managed to win. Will he make it this time?

Private life of Alexander

As for his vita privata we don't have much information except that in 1993 he met and married a girl named Cristina Navarro. However, things don't go as hoped and after some time they break up.
In the following period we don't hear much about her intimate sphere, even if persistent rumors begin to circulate about an alleged homosexuality.

The coming out of Cecchi Paone

In 2004 the confirmation and Cecchi Paone publicly declares that he is homosexual. He later recounted that he understood her true nature when he was still married to his wife and confided in her that he had in love of his best friend. For three long years she supported him, but then they broke up.

In an interview, the popularizer admitted that he had a great woman beside him who, even with much effort and disappointment, was close to him. To this day they are friends. After his coming out, relationships with him are associated with Claudio Viana Fernandez in 2012 and with French Maximus, a younger boy of 28 years.

It was last summer paparazzi on a yacht together with a man, a young man, in intimate attitudes and the newspapers had spread the news of this new relationship. When they appeared on television, Simone had stated that she had gone through enormous difficulties because at the time of the scoops he had not yet confided his homosexuality to family.

They are currently competing on The Island of the Famous and both compete as the sole competitor.

Curiosity about Alessandro Cecchi Paone

What we have just told you is all we know about the scientific popularizer Alessandro Cecchi Paone. Let's see some below curiosity.

  • When he was 15 he suffered from depression due to studying which kept him away from the normal activities of all young boys;
  • He has always fought for civil unions, especially after his coming out;
  • His experience at Big Brother Vip was very short;
  • During an episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show he had a heated argument with Fabrizio Corona and following some unhappy sentences, he left the studio.

Social profiles of Alessandro Cecchi Paone

Alessandro Cecchi Paone is very active on social which he uses not only to share some moments of everyday life or passions with his fans, but also to carry on his battles. Below are the links to his official profiles.

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