Island of the Famous, shock elimination of Francesco Benigno

Francesco Benigno on the Island of the Famous

In the last hours the waters around theIsland of the Famous 24 they are really stormy. A real case, in fact, is sparking a lot of controversy following thecompletely unexpected elimination of Francesco Benigno. The reply of theactor who, on social media, lashed out against the production threatening lawsuits. But what happened? And what will happen now?

Because Francesco Benigno was eliminated from the island

After just two weeks spent on the beaches of Honduras as a contestant on theIsland of the Famous, Francesco Benigno's adventure seems to be over. The actor from Palermo was, as we learned from an unexpected statement on social media, excluded from the cast. A word that has resounded in the ears of the fans who, at this point, are wondering en masse what happened that was so serious to receive this exemplary punishment.

But why was Benigno excluded? Officially, the statement talks about “unsuitable behavior prohibited by the regulation” but there is very little that is clear, at least until now. It seems that at the origin of everything there is one quarrel between Benigno and Artur: a discussion that the actor admits but which he absolutely does not consider so serious as to lead to his elimination.

We still don't know what the two said to each other that was so "forbidden" and we are waiting for tonight's episode to understand something more. The story brings with it, among other things, not a few controversies which, at the moment, are animating the web. It seems, in fact, that Benigno is anything but willing to return to Italy!

Francesco Benigno's response to the exclusion from the Island

La reply by Francesco Benigno it arrived almost immediately and manifested itself, in all its strength, on social media. Her words are incredible:

I didn't retire. I was picked up from the island yesterday after a verbal argument with one of the contestants because he was upset that I had nominated him. I was picked up with an excuse, taken to the resort and told that I had to leave the game because there was something they said I had done. But obviously I didn't. The powers that be at Mediaset and Banijai decided that I had to be eliminated, but they can't give us an explanation.

But that's not all: Benigno has made very serious accusations against the production speaking of offers of money made to him to buy his silence.

The production made offers to me, to my wife and to my agent, for money and not to ask for penalties. This is strange because if I had done something against the contractual agreements you wouldn't propose to give us money. They asked me to make a video where I said that I wanted to retire because I missed my wife... but I'm here, fierce, I want to win this island and I would win it... They claim that there are strong images. I told him to broadcast them, but obviously these images aren't there, they're just excuses.

Francesco Benigno also has revealed that the production of the Island of the Famous has been threatening him since yesterday: if he doesn't leave the resort, they will no longer pay for the hotel nor for the return flight to Italy.

Banijay Italia's response to the Benigno case

Certainly no one expected that this choice would generate all this fuss. The fact is that now, after Francesco Benigno's statements, also Banijay Italia has spoken and stated the following:

Banijay Italia reiterates that Francesco Benigno's exclusion from the Island of the Famous occurred as a result of inappropriate behavior prohibited by the program regulations, rules he himself accepted and signed. The statements spread by Benigno through his social channels are to be considered offensive and harmful, as well as without any foundation!

No mention of what actually happened! We are certain that in tonight's episode with Vladimir Luxuria, Thursday 18 April 2024, we will shed light on the whole issue, calming the controversies that have arisen around it in the last few hours. There better solution would be to show these infamous images explaining, in clear words, why Benigno is no longer an official competitor.

In the last few hours Benigno appears to have locked himself in his room at the resort, with no intention of leaving her and returning to Italy. We will find out in a few hours what really happened and, above all, how it will end. The appointment is for tonight, on Canale 5, starting at 21pm about.

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