Who is Andrea Lo Cicero dell'Isola: rugby, television and curiosities

Andrew Lo Cicero

The name of Andrew Lo Cicero appears more in Italian sport as we are talking about a former rugby player which marked a piece of Italian sporting history.

Andrea however, is not only this since he has become a face on television and we currently find him in Honduras as a competitor in the new edition of The Island of the Famous. Let's find out something about him.

Andrea Lo Cicero, the origins

Andrew Lo Cicero born in the 1976, more precisely the 7th of May in Catania. We also know him as "the Baron" and this nickname is given to him thanks to his noble origins. However, throughout his career and still today we know him like this.

Thanks to his uncle Michele, Andrea is passionate about Rugby ever since he was just a child and started playing in the Italian team.

What did Andrea Lo Cicero study?

At the moment we don't have much information about the past and schooling of the former rugby player, but there are rumors that they would speak of one degree achieved when he was very young.

Career in Rugby and passion for sport

As we said above, Andrea Lo Cicero is passionate about Rugby since he was a child and this love is handed down to him by his uncle Michele, player of Amateur Catania. His training begins with the physical education teacher Pippo Puglisi, known for being the brother of the famous player of the seventies, Nino Puglisi.

His first role he is as a left prop and made his debut in the professional category in 1995 with the Catania Amateurs. Before him, however, he made his famous apprenticeship in the youth team. Thus we arrive in 1997 when he moves to Bologna to play in the local team, but will only stay there for one season.

The following year he moved to Rovigo where he will demonstrate the makings of which he is made so much that he will convince Rugby Roma to take him on the team. It will be right here that its career take flight. Together with them, in the 1999/2000 season, he won the Scudetto and managed to enter the Italian national team.

He will later fly to France in the Toulouse team, but after a very short experience he returns to Roma. This time however, he will wear the Lazio shirt in which he will not only be a player, but also become their coach. From 2004 to 2007 he played in L'Aquila and in a Paris club called Racing Métro 92. In 2013 he withdraw definitely.

From sports to television

Andrea Lo Cicero is not only famous in the sports arena, but in 2014 he also made his debut in television in a program that aired on Sky and entitled Nightmare gardens. His role was to accept requests for help from landowners who needed a fix to their garden. He, together with a team of expert gardeners, fulfilled their wish.

In 2018, however, it switches to Rai1, entering the big family of the program The test of the cook at that time led by Elisa Isoardi. Shortly after we will find him on the Gambero Rosso channel where he will be at the helm of two formats: The island of the Baron e The Baron's Weed.

Andrea Lo Cicero on the Island of the Famous

The new edition of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi began on Monday 17 April, The Island of the Famous. Arrived in the final, he was a very strong competitor of the island and an inspiration for the other castaways.

Private life

of the vita privata we don't have much information about Lo Cicero also because he guards this side of him with extreme jealousy. However, we know that for several years now he has been a steady couple with Roberta Di Fiore, model and partner of Andrea's farm.

From their bond, their first and only one was born in 2019 son, hector. We know that in addition to his passion for sport, Lo Cicero loves gardening, sailing, cooking and mountaineering, but perhaps not everyone knows that he is the ambassador di Unicef ​​Italy.

Curiosity by Andrea Lo Cicero

We don't have much information about Andrea Lo Cicero, but we've just told you everything we've discovered about him. Below you will find some curiosity that few know.

  • During the lockdown caused by Covid 19, he lost 25 kilos thanks to a normoproteic ketogenic diet;
  • Boasts 103 appearances for the Italian national team;
  • In 2000 he won the bronze medal for athletic valor as Italian champion and in 2003 as 20 caps for the national team;
  • He has a farm where he also raises donkeys. He is in fact a great supporter of onotherapy.

Social profiles of Andrea Lo Cicero

Andrea Lo Cicero is very active on social in which we find content related to his passions and something about his daily life. Let's find out together link directed to its official channels.

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Written by Manuela Bortolotto
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