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sangiovanni the singer

Saint John, at the registry office John Peter Damian, it's a emerging talent in the Italian musical panorama. He was born on 9 January 2003 in Vicenza and captured the attention of the public and critics thanks to its participation in the twentieth edition of Friends of Maria DeFilippi, where she took an impressive second place in the singers category.

His unique style, which blends pop e urban with soulful lyrics and catchy melodies, it quickly propelled him into the spotlight of the music scene.

He was chosen from the participating singers Sanremo 2024

The journey to Amici and the first successes

Sangiovanni made himself known to the general public by participating in Friends, where he demonstrated not only his natural talent but also an artistic maturity remarkable for his age. With songs like "Lady", "War", "All night long" e "Sore throat", has managed to win hearts and charts, quickly earning a solid and loyal fan base.

Awards and achievements

His impact on the music scene was not limited to his presence on television. Sangiovanni has collected important awards, including the “Best Italian Act” to MTV Europe Music Awards 2021, and saw his debut album, simply titled "Saint John", reach the platinum record. His ability to open concerts for established artists such as Mrs. e Ultimo is a testament to his growing stature in the music world.

  • International Prizes: Best Italian Act at the MTV EMA 2021
  • Debut album: Sangiovanni (platinum record)
  • Concert openings: Madame, Last

Private life and relationships

Despite his young age, Sangiovanni also shows surprising maturity in his management vita privata. His relationship with Giulia Stable, met during the talent show Friends, captured the interest of fans and the media, but both managed to handle their story with discretion and authenticity, away from the intrusive spotlight. The relationship ended in March 2023.

Personal curiosities

Sangiovanni's life is dotted with Curiosity which make him an even more interesting character. From his fight against the panic attacks to its depths family affection and his admiration for Vasco Rossi, every detail adds depth to his public image, making him an artist and a genuine person close to his fans.

He is very passionate about Harry Potter and video games.

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