Who is Simone Antolini, companion Cecchi Paone. Daughter, age and parents


The relationship between Alessandro Cecchi Paone e Simone Antolini has attracted a lot of interest, mainly due to the remarkable Age difference between two: 61 years for Cecchi Paone e 23 for Antolini. before meeting Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Simone Antolini did not have never had experiences in the field of show: the young man from the Marches attends the faculty of Legal sciences and is of the zodiac sign of Balance.

The world of entertainment and how they met

Antolini's only, and dramatic, episode in the world of entertainment was an audition for a film, on the occasion of which he allegedly received offers of a sexual nature. Following this experience, Antolini decided to don't go down that road.

Simone Antolini e Alessandro Cecchi Paone they met through i social networks, even before the young man from the Marches revealed his homosexuality to relatives and friends.

Participation in the Isola dei Famosi 2023

Simone Antolini attended at the Island of the Famous 2023, but had to withdraw during the programme due to a malore. His participation was already in doubt after the show communicated to Alessandro Cecchi Paone the dissolution of couple tribe (to which Simone and Alessandro belonged) and Alessandro had communicated in advance that it was not their job.

The estrangement from the family

Controversies also arose because Antolini had previously been in a heterosexual relationship (at age 16, which lasted 4 years), leading some people to think that her bond with Alessandro was motivated by interest or from the search for notoriety. However, Antolini rejects these insinuations: "It's not like that at all".

Following this relationship, Simone Antolini was estranged from his family. To tell this side of their story was Alessandro Cecchi Paone in person:

“When our report surfaced on the web, Simone received terrible homophobic attacks. Being very young and not a public figure, he was deeply impressed. He has received threats and insults of all kinds on social profiles. Initially his parents asked him to leave and he moved into my house ”.

Melissa, the daughter of Simone Antolini

Since it started on program the Island of the Famous 2023, Simone has often mentioned a certain “Melissa”, without ever revealing her true identity. This enigma it sparked the curiosity of both the audience and the other participants, generating a wave of hypotheses.

During the episode, the presenter Ilary Blasi asked the question that everyone had in mind: who is Melissa? Simone, answering, has finally revealed the secret that he kept hidden for so long: Melissa is his daughterborn out of a past relationship. When Melissa was born, Simone and her ex-partner were only seventeen. Today, Melissa is 5 years old and has a very special relationship with her father.

Not only does Simone have a deep bond with little Melissa, but also Alessandro Cecchi Paone plays a significant role in the life of the little girl who calls him "Uncle Alessandro".

Instagram profile Simone Antolini

At the moment the profile Instagram di Simone Antolini seems to be private, has just over 7k followers and the description includes his main info and also the contact of his agency, provided that the profile found is really real.

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