Chiaia Fashion Weekend 2015 in Naples between events, fashion and latest trends

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The streets and shops of Chiaia will host many fashion and fashion events!

Il 30 and the 31 October 2015, the shops of the streets of the center will be the protagonists of the "Chiaja Fashion Weekend", the event dedicated to fashion and new trends.

The initiative, organized by the Chiaja Consortium and with the support of the sponsor Pegaso, presents itself with many appointments ready to thrill the Neapolitan public. In fact, there will be presentations of the new Fall Winter 2015 / 2016 collections surrounded by many events and news.

Therefore, even the unmissable will be limited edition, aperitifs, finger food events, beauty, well-being and many interesting stages belonging to a real and exclusive shopping map.

Last but not least, there will also be a special ticket "Free parking in Chiaja!", delivered to customers at the time of purchase, which will allow you to park without spending anything, eliminating the usual problem of parking space.

A nice opportunity to go shopping, have fun and enjoy theelegance of Naples, a city always attentive to new fashions and the needs of its citizens.

About Chiaja Fashion Weekend

When: the 30 and the 31 October 2015
Where: streets and streets of Chiaja
Information: website Chiaja Consortium

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