Closure of the Cavalleggeri Bridge in Aosta, road blocked

Cavalleggeri d'Aosta in Fuorigrotta

Daily life in the western area of ​​Naples was suddenly interrupted by closure of the Cavalleggeri bridge in Aosta, a crucial artery for traffic and public transport in the city. The decision to interrupt transit on the bridge, vital for Metro Line 2 trains, was taken later to the dangerous fall of rubble, reported by the firefighters.

A closure that led to serious disruption not only for motorists but also for public transport users, with an ANM bus forced to make complex maneuvers to leave the road during the falling rubble and avoid the affected area.

The blockade of the Cavalleggeri Bridge

La closure of the Cavalleggeri bridge in Aosta it was a drastic but necessary measure taken following the fall of debris, an alarming signal that required the immediate intervention of the firefighters to assess the safety of the structure. The bridge, fundamental for traffic in the area, is a key passage for trains Subway line 2, making its blockade a significant event that immediately impacted the daily routine of commuters and residents of the area.

Despite the blockade to vehicular transit, it was guaranteed that railway traffic was not interrupted, a small but significant consolation for those who depend on trains for their daily commute. The blockade triggered an immediate domino effect on local traffic, with delays and diversions testing the patience and resilience of citizens and road users.

The second stop in Fuorigrotta in a few days

In addition to the problematic situation of Cavalleggeri bridge, the area of Fuorigrotta faced further traffic-related complications. There municipal police also had to proceed with the closure of via Campagna, a significant artery that scores the border between the neighborhoods of Fuorigrotta and Bagnoli, due to a depression which compromised road safety.

Not a new problem for via Campegna, which already in February it had suffered serious inconveniences following the formation of one chasm. The traffic had been banned for over a week, to allow ABC, the municipality's water company, to intervene on the damaged pipes. The recent reopening of the road had brought temporary relief, but the new depression forced authorities to reinstate restrictions, highlighting a critical infrastructure situation that requires continued attention and long-term solutions.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: Google Maps
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