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The famous TV show “Hi Darwin” returns to the Canale 5 stage with his ninth edition, bringing a breath of fresh air and fun. The first episode of the new season it aired on November 24 at 21pm and it marked, in fact, the return of this unique format, led by the timeless couple Paul Bonolis e Luca laurenti.

This evening will see the unfolding of a singular and exciting confrontation: that between Elegant and Tamarri

Previews of the February 16nd episode of Ciao Darwin

In this special episode of “Hi Darwin”, aired on February 16, the ninth edition of the program offers an absolutely never-before-seen challenge. On one side the Elegants, on the other the Tamarri. A style challenge between two very controversial categories, those who dress to the nines and those who dress to show off.

In this new installment of Hi Darwin, we will be faced with a comparison full of symbolism, where two ways of living and presenting themselves will collide in a series of tests as fun as they are emblematic. On the one hand, i Tamarri, with their unmistakable style, characterized by a strong inclination for the colorful and the over the top, on the other, the Elegant, champions of a measured and refined approach, where every detail is considered.

Judging the participants' performance is a jury made up of 200 members of the public in the studio.

Who are the captains of the challenge

In the episode of February 2, leading the teams in this culinary challenge are two well-known faces from the world of entertainment.

The captains:

  • Floriana Secondi
  • Raphael Tonon

Who is Floriana Secondi

Leading the Tamarri team we find Floriana Secondi, a figure well known to the television audience, especially for his victory in the third edition of Big Brother. Her energetic personality and her path, dotted with experiences in reality TV and appearances in various TV programs, make her the ideal choice to represent the lively and casual spirit of the Tamarri.

Who is it Raphael Tonon

On the other side, we have captaining the Elegants Raphael Tonon, a character who has stood out in the media landscape for his innate elegance and his gentlemanly bearing. Noticed by the general public during his participation in La Fattoria, where he was nicknamed "Il Tale“, Tonon brings with him an air of sophistication and keen sensitivity, making him the natural leader for the Eleganti team.

Who are the mother natures of this edition

An iconic role on the show is that of Mother Nature, played this year by four different women, including:

Russian model Aleksandra Korotkaia,

Australian Sarah Shaw

Andreea Sasu of Romania

A personality that we have already gotten to know on Temptation Island, among the temptresses.

Who will be Mother Nature this evening?

The Ciao Darwin staff never communicates who Mother Nature will be, but we know for sure that it will be one of the three mentioned above.

What is Hi Darwin

Hi Darwin is a Italian game show designed by Paul Bonolis and Stefano Magnaghi and conducted by Bonolis with Luca laurenti. The program it first aired on October 3, 1998 on Canale 5, and had an enormous success, so much so that it was repeated for eight editions, until it stopped in 2019 and resumed starting from 24 November 2023.

Ciao Darwin is a very popular program in Italy that contributed to launch the careers of Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti. The show has also been exported to other countries, such as Spain, France and Germany.

Why is it called Hi Darwin, does the theory of evolution have anything to do with it?

The show it is based on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, and involves two teams, representatives two antithetical human categories, face each other in a series of challenges to discover which of the two is stronger and more suited to the environment.

How the Hello Darwin game works

The teams in all previous editions they were made up of 100 competitors, chosen from the viewers who signed up to the program. In the 2023 edition the competitors are down to 50.

The team captains are famous people, who often become the protagonists of funny sketches with Bonolis and Laurenti.

How are Ciao Darwin tests done?

Ciao Darwin's challenges are of various types, and can be physical, mental or social. Some of the most famous challenges are:

  • The Endurance Challenge: Competitors must resist certain stimuli, such as heat, cold, or fear.
  • The Speed ​​Challenge: Competitors must complete a certain task in the shortest time possible.
  • The intelligence challenge: competitors must answer questions of general knowledge or logic.

The challenges are judged by a jury, made up of experts and famous people. The team that wins the most challenges is declared the winner of the episode.

The new challenges of the 2023/2024 edition

The challenges proposed in this new edition are more compelling than ever, aiming to stimulate both the body and mind of the participants.

Competitions vary widely, including:

  • Travels through different historical eras and geographical areas.
  • Tests of courage and cunning.
  • Debates on the most current topics. These elements combine Entertainment e critical reflection, keeping the public's attention high.

The news of the highly anticipated new season

The format of “Ciao Darwin” has been refreshed with significant changes. The teams, now reduced to 50 competitors, engage in renewed challenges that mix culture, society, nature and science.

The program is divided into two parts:

  • the first, broadcast in autumn-winter 2023-2024, focused on cultural and social themes,
  • the second, scheduled for spring 2024, will focus on topics relating to nature and science.
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