The Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples

The Fontanelle cemetery at Sanità

Il cemetery of the Fontanelle It dates back to the 16th century and is located in the center of Naples. It was called that way, then, by the presence of sources of water.

Dug inside the tuffaceous stone, the peculiarity that characterizes it is the presence of thousands of bones belonging to victims of pestilence, famine, revolts and eruptions, accumulated by salmatari inside the ancient ossuary which extends for 3000 square meters. The cemetery houses 40.000 remains (bones, skulls, skeletons) of people, victims of the great plague of 1656 and cholera of 1836.

According to tradition in this sacred place was the cult of "pezzentelle souls", which consisted in the adoption in exchange for protection of a skull (the "capuzzella") to which corresponded an abandoned soul (and for this reason called "pezzentella").

Information on the Fontanelle Cemetery

Opening time

  • The site is open every day from 09: 00 to 16: 00

price tickets

  • Free guided tours on Sundays at 10: 30
  • For private guided tours: 70 € from 1 to 5 people, 80 € from 6 to 10, + 6 € from the eleventh person


Via Fontanelle, 80

How to Get There:

Metro Line 1, Materdei station, take the C51 bus and get off at the via Fontanelle stop


Tel: 081 19703197 | 081 795 6160 | 338 965 22 88

Official site of the Fontanelle Cemetery


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Written by Milena Morreale
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