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The overseas exhibition in Naples is ready to welcome the COMICON for this year 2024. This time the appointment is from Thursday April 25th until Sunday April 28th and among the most anticipated guests we have names like Mike Del Mundo, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Yasumi Matsuno and Liang Azha.

The official Comicon 2024 poster by Mike Del Mundo

One of the most distinctive elements of COMICON Napoli 2024 is undoubtedly its official poster, an artistic creation that captures the true spirit of the event.
This year, the task was entrusted to Mike Del Mundo, a prominent name in the comics industry, known for his work on series like X-Men Legacy and Avengers. Its unique style and ability to tell stories through captivating images make the poster a work of art in its own right, worth the visit alone.

Next to him, in the role of Master, we find Igort, one of the most influential and recognized Italian cartoonists on the European scene. Igort is not only an outstanding artist, but also a very talented editor and director. His presence at COMICON Naples not only honors the Italian tradition in comics, but also opens a cultural dialogue between different art forms.

The exhibitions scheduled at Comicon 2024

COMICON Naples 2024 will not just be a stage for celebrities from the world of comics and music, but also a place where thevisual art comes to life thanks to the presence of engaging and innovative exhibitionsAmong the scheduled exhibitions, two main exhibitions stand out: “The Mundo of Mike” and “Igort. Landscapes of memory”. Exhibitions that will offer visitors a deep immersion in the creative universe of these exceptional artists.

The World of Mike

“The Mundo of Mike” is a celebration of the work of Mike Del Mundo, famous for his unique style and vivid depictions in comics. An opportunity to admire his most famous works up close, offering an in-depth look at the creative process behind his captivating illustrations.

Igort. Landscapes of memory

“Igort. Landscapes of memory”, instead, is a journey through the career of Igort, one of the most influential Italian cartoonists. The exhibition explores how history and fiction are intertwined in his comics, offering a unique insight into his approach narrative and visual. Exhibitions that represent an unmissable opportunity for comics fans and visual art to connect with the works of these influential artists, discovering new perspectives and sources of inspiration.

Ticket prices and purchase methods

As the excitement for COMICON Napoli 2024 continues to grow, it's important to know all the details to make sure you're part of this amazing event.

daily entry, the cost is set at 16,00€, an affordable price to enjoy a day full of activities and surprises. For the most enthusiastic people who don't want to miss even a moment, the4-day pass only 38,00€, a convenient choice to enjoy the COMICON experience to the fullest.

For students and school groups, there are even more advantageous options: the reduced daily ticket at 12,00€ and a special offer for school groups a 8,00€.

How to buy Comicon 2024 tickets

It is essential to underline that from this year the ticket office is available exclusively online on the dedicated channel,, Then the classic box office will no longer be available.

Ticket TypePrice
Daily admission16,00€
4 day subscription38,00€
Reduced daily12,00€
School groups8,00€
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