Comicon 2024 Naples, beware of scams. How to protect yourself

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Go to Comicon it's something that many look forward to. But, be careful: there may be risk to end up buying not real tickets. Learn to recognize them it is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy the event to the fullest.

How to tell if tickets are fake

To ensure that the ticket for the Comicon is authentic, here are some useful tips:

  • Source of purchase: buy only from the official website ( It's the only reliable place for tickets.
  • Customization: tickets are personal. This means you will need to show ID at the entrance. The name on the document and the ticket must match, otherwise they will not let you in.
  • Transferability: Tickets cannot be given to others. Don't buy tickets that belonged to someone else.

The rules communicated by Comicon

For a hassle-free visit to Comicon, keep these fundamental rules in mind:

  • Safe purchase: the only way to purchase safe and legal tickets is through There are no authorized sellers outside this channel.
  • Name tickets:
    • Non-transferable: You cannot sell or give your ticket to someone else.
    • ID: You will need to show a photo ID upon entry. If the name doesn't match, you won't get in.
  • Fixed dates: Dates on tickets cannot be changed.
  • Tickets sold out: once finished, no more will be sold.
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