Comicon 2024 Naples, what exhibitions will there be? Complete list

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Al Comicon 2024, the festival that drives all pop culture enthusiasts crazy, the international they are ready to explode. The appointment, as you surely know, is from 25 to 28 April at the Mostra d'Oltremare of Naples and they will be well 20 exhibition spaces occupied by the exhibition itineraries.

You can admire the works of John Romita Jr., Igort, Alfredo Castelli (who was awarded the 2024 COMICON Special Lifetime Achievement Award), Mike Del Mundo, Glenn Fabry, Akab and many others.

But it doesn't end there: they will also be there thematic exhibitions ranging from games to cinema, from comics to much more, such as the one dedicated to one of the most loved games. Among the many we can mention "50 years of Dungeons & Dragons", "In the name of Winx. 20 years of magic”, “Fantasy spaghetti and blind beatings.

List of Comicon 2024 exhibitions in Naples

  • The World of Mike. The art of Mike Del Mundo: Mike Del Mundo, known for his Marvel covers, is the flagship artist of COMICON Napoli 2024. His exhibition includes over thirty works, highlighting his unique style that blends street art, hip hop, and lively energy. His creative process is explored, from sketching to digital coloring.
  • Landscapes of memory. History and fiction in Igort's comics: A journey into memories and stories with Igort.
  • Alfredo Castelli: one, none and one hundred thousand: At COMICON 2024, Alfredo Castelli receives the Lifetime Achievement Award. An exhibition celebrates his unique role in Italian comics, showing how he portrayed himself in his works.
  • John Romita Jr. China energy: John Romita Jr., guest at COMICON 2024, celebrates 40 years of career with an exhibition of original art from his Marvel and DC comics.
  • Glenn Fabry. Realism at the service of the imagination: Glenn Fabry has been exhibiting his works since 1985: Hellblazer and Preacher covers, showing his hyperrealistic style.
  • Akab: towards POP!: an exhibition experiment that takes visitors "into the clouds" to explore dialogues and thoughts of balloons.
  • The Diary of Fabrice Neaud. A masterpiece of autobiographical comics: Enter the intimate and profound world of Fabrice Neaud.
  • Dark Visions. Atmospheres, creatures and nightmares in Daniele Serra's horror illustration: Let yourself be enveloped by the dark and fascinating atmospheres of Daniele Serra.
  • 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. The Lord of RPGs: For 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons, COMICON celebrates with a exhibition from the “Red Box” to modern editions. Exhibition of rare manuals, adventures and merchandising, on a historical journey.
  • In the name of Winx. 20 years of magic: Winx Club celebrates 20 years with an interactive exhibition: from the first sketches to the transformations and costumes, a journey into the success of these iconic fairies.
  • Fantasy spaghetti and one-eyed beating. The art of Brancalonia: Discover the art behind the Italian role-playing game that has conquered everyone.
  • ADCI Awards on Tour. Creativity outside the box: Creativity without borders in collaboration with the Italian Art Directors Club.
  • CineArt Remix. Pop Culture Poster Reworks: Three artists reinvent the posters of the most iconic films.
  • The unstoppable Ciccillo. 175 years of the first Italian comic book: “A sleepless night of Ciccillo” by Pasquale Mattej, the oldest Italian comic from 1849, explores the bourgeois life of the time with humor.
  • Where is Zaza? Fragments of an unconventional magazine: A dive into the magazine that broke all the mold.
  • Lavieri, today and tomorrow. 20 years of drawing books: The story of a publishing house that made a difference.
  • Alucomics 2024. The winners of the sustainability comics competition: The best comics on the topic of sustainability.
  • Imago 2024. The competing works of the comics and graphics competition: Discover new talents in comics and graphics.
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