Things to do in Naples 2018 Pasquetta: picnics and other events in the city

Easter Monday 2018

The best tips on what to do in Naples at Easter Monday 2018 among picnics, exhibitions and festivals!

The 2 April 2018 in Naples and surroundings, on the occasion of the Easter Monday, will be organized different events that will allow you to spend a day outdoors as per tradition.

The families that dif they wish to have a picnic, they can go to Arenile di Bagnoli where, in addition to dining options, they can listen to music for 12 hours.

If for one day you want to feel like a cowboy, celebrate at the CELP riding school with the "Easter Monday“, Here you will learn to ride a horse, listen to country music and eat grilled sandwiches.

Staying on the subject of food we propose it Street Food Festival on Lungomare Caracciolo and the Festival of the Two Sicilies with music dances and lots of good sweet and savory food.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to dedicate a day to art, you will find interesting exhibitions such as that of Salvador Dalì at PAN and that of Andy Warhol at the Mars in Cava de 'Tirreni.

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Written by Alessandro Ruggieri
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