COVID: isolation rules change, no more tampons

Covid swab with positive results
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It is the Ministry of Health that communicates, through circular letter No. 51961, the new regulations for the management of COVID cases, in particular in relation to theisolation of the same in case of positive tests or close contacts with confirmed cases.

The new rules already active are the following.

Cases confirmed by positive test

In case you test positive by diagnostic test (swab) both molecular and rapid you are immediately subjected to solitary confinement as it always was, but methods have changed:

  • If no symptoms have been present for at least 2 days isolation ends 5 days after the first positive test or the onset of symptoms e a negative swab is no longer needed to get out of quarantine
  • If you are asymptomatic from the beginning of the contagion it is possible to get out of isolation even before 5 days, but in this case it is necessary a negative swab (rapid or molecular) carried out at an authorized institution (ASL or pharmacy)
  • If you are immunocompromised isolation cannot end before 5 days even if you are asymptomatic, ed a tampon is always needed negative issued by an authorized body
  • For the health workers, if asymptomatic for at least 2 days, isolation can also end immediately but it is always necessary a negative swab
  • If you have entered Italian territory after a visit to the People's Republic of China in the 7 days preceding the positive swab, the isolation cannot end before 5 days from the test. The number of days drops to 2 if you are asymptomatic but a negative swab is required

For all cases with positive test the use of protective devices is mandatory (masks) FFP2 up to the tenth day from the onset of symptoms or from the first positive swab unless a swab is negative.

Close contact with positive case

If you have been in contact with a positive case there is no longer compulsory isolation, but only a self-monitoring regime.

During this regime the rules are as follows:

  • It's done obligation to use personal protective equipment (masks) FFP2 indoors or in the presence of gatherings up to the 5th day after contact
  • If symptoms of possible infection occur, a swab (rapid or molecular) is highly recommended
  • The tampon becomes mandatory daily, up to the 5th day after contact, for all healthcare workers
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