Sergio Mattarella positive Covid: infected at the premiere of La Scala

Sergio Mattarella at the parade on June 2nd
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That Covid hasn't passed is nothing new, there are still many cases although, fortunately, the index of deaths has clearly collapsed with the new variants.
To add to today's infected there is the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, today subjected to a Covid swab positive result.

How is Mattarella doing?

Nothing more than some fever line, reads the press release, in general President Mattarella is fine and it's isolated in the apartment on the quirinale. Mild symptoms, almost asymptomatic, in fact he is continuing to work and take care of his institutional duties.

President Mattarella he got vaccinated with the 4th booster dose as wellso don't worry about your health.

When did he get infected? The case of the Premiere at the Scala in Milan

Apparently the President Mattarella it was at first at the Milan scale a few days ago, on December 7th. On stage a performance of Boris Godunov, which Mattarella was able to see from the royal box together with the Premier Giorgia Meloni, to the President of the EU Commission Ursula Von der Leyen and to the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa.

To make the eye jump on the matter is the absence of masks during the event, which has led many to argue that it was an excessive risk which, in fact, led to the contagion of the President on that occasion.

Nothing certain, of course, but it is a real possibility as the times fit perfectly.

Does Meloni have Covid and did she pass it on to Mattarella?

Some doubts have arisen and there are those who find "strange" that Meloni is affected precisely from December 9, so much so that he will not be present at the Med 9 summit in Alicante. All the more considering that Meloni and Mattarella were together on the royal stage.

In any case, nothing official in this sense has been declared, so these are mere inferences.

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