Ignazio La Russa: family, career in politics, how much he earns and private life of the head of the Senate 2022

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Ignazio La Russa is an Italian politician active since 1992 and now the President of the Senate of the Republic in October 2022.
Always active in political activities, Ignazio La Russa has had a great influence in the political history of our country.

Let's get to know him better.

Origins of Ignazio La Russa

Ignazio La Russa It is born in 1947, more precisely on 18 July in Paternò.
Originally from Catania, therefore, she lives and grows in the midst of politics thanks to her father's work and is so passionate about choosing study paths inherent to matter.

A family engaged in politics

As we have just said, Ignazio La Russa grows up with policy in home. His father, Antonino La Russa, was one of the political secretaries within the National Fascist Party of the city of Paternò and it was in the XNUMXs.
Immediately after the war he held the role of Senator of the Italian Social Movement.

even the brother he embraced politics very early on.
Romano La Russa was a Member of the National Alliance MEP and is a Councilor for the Civil Protection of Lombardy.

The last brother, Vincenzo La Russa was a parliamentarian and advocate of the Christian Democrats.

Studies and qualifications

Ignazio La Russa is passionate about policy since he was a child and in fact chose to study at a college located in Switzerland and then continue at the University of Pavia graduating in Giurisprudenza.

At the age of the military he served in the role of Complement Officer and before working in politics he exercises a career from lawyer. We remember him for having been the defender of the trial that involved the murder of Sergio Ramelli which took place in Milan.

Political activity

Ignazio La Russa has dedicated and is dedicating his life to policy and he has made an incredible journey. Many were the contributions which led him to win in several elections. Let's go into more detail.

From the Italian Social Movement to the President of the Senate

In 1971 Ignazio La Russa was named as responsible of the Youth Front and it was an organization of the Italian Social Movement. In 1973 he found himself in the middle of a bad event. In fact, when he was at the head of the organization just mentioned, there was a demonstration in Milan in which some exponents launched bombs during the rally.

On this occasion, a policeman, Antonio Marino, also lost his life and La Russa was considered the responsible moral of this gesture. In 1985 he was elected at the Lombardy regional elections to then be reconfirmed in 1990. From '89 to '94 is the Municipal councilor of the city of St Donato Milanese.

In 1992 he applied for both the House of Representatives that the Senate of the Republic and in which he was voted for both situations. La Russa, however, chooses to be employed in the Chamber. He was reconfirmed in the 1994 elections before being elected Vice President of the room. In 2004 he ran for the college of Busto Garolfo as a councilor, but was not elected.

From 2006 to 2008 he held the role of deputy in the District of Milan, but this time entering the lists of the faction of People of Freedoms. 2008 was an important year for La Russa because he was nominated Minister of Defense of the newly elected government, that of Berlusconi IV.

In 2012 he makes an important communication. In fact, he announces the exit by the People of Freedom to found the party just three days later Brothers of Italy with Giorgia Meloni and Guido Crosetto. We arrive at the 2022 elections, in which Ignazio La Russa is nominated President of the Senate accumulating 116 votes (104 with an absolute majority were enough).

How much does Ignazio La Russa earn

Ignazio La Russa, from 1992 to 2018, was a deputy for seven consecutive terms. In the guise of senator perceives an allowance gross monthly amount of 11.500 euros. To this figure is added one Daily of about 3.500 euros and a reimbursement expenses that are around 4.100 euros plus about 1.600 euros for transport and telephone reimbursements.

The calculation is very simple, but according to what Ignazio La Russa has emerged would earn about 20.700 euros per month (including expense reimbursements).

Ideals of Ignazio La Russa and criticisms

As soon as he was elected as President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa had to hold a speech. The first thing he did is to thank all those who voted for it, those who did not and those who abstained. He also remarked that he had not prepared any speeches. He began by saying that in this legislature there will be a lot of talk about reforms. What he wants to do is to give greater weight to the first part of the Italian Constitution which places the people and his wills.

He wants to fight more against the violence on women and minors defined by himself as "the squalor of society". Also, what he particularly cares about is improve the sense of community. A community that must hope and that must still want to fight.

Criticism of right-wing extremism and fascism

The strongly right-wing nature of La Russa has exposed it several times over the years, with also fierce criticism of its proximity to the neo-fascist movements.

From the outstretched salute to the declarations against the anti-fascists, La Russa has always been very explicit: him he is not an anti-fascist.

This is confirmed by La Russa himself at La7, in a video that you can find here.

Private life

Ignazio La Russa has been a political figure for many years, but if his career is known to everyone, we cannot say the same thing about vita privata. He is indeed a very man Reserved in that sense.

Marriage with Laura De Cicco and the birth of three children: Geronimo, Lorenzo Kocis and Leonardo Apeche

Ignazio La Russa has been married for several years to Laura DeCicco of which we know nothing because it keeps far away from this world. With her he had two children: Lorenzo and Leonardo. Geronimo, on the other hand, was born from a precedent report that La Russa had with Marika Catto.

Curiosities about Ignazio La Russa

What we have just said is what we know about the new President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, but below we want to reveal a few Curiosity on him.

  • Ignazio La Russa to the registry office is registered as Ignazio Benito Maria La Russa.
  • The two children he had with his current wife have the second name that evoke the heads of tribe American.
  • He lent his voice for dub a character from the cartoon The Simpsons.
  • attended the film Slam the monster on the front page.

Social profiles of Ignazio La Russa

Below we report the link of the channels social by Ignazio La Russa from which to follow him.

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