Who is Donato the TikToker of cured meats, the place with Basalari and mourning

The butcher Donato De Caprio

It is now depopulating big on Tik Tok with its sandwiches, initially prepared in the shop called “To the Lattari Mountains" to Napoli. We are talking about the now very famous Donato De caprio, Neapolitan charcuterie which reached 1 million followers on the Chinese social network.

Due to the decision of the company he worked for, which will probably have evaluated the situation as more harmful than advantageous, he was no longer allowed to publish and, even after a ban, he managed to make a comeback in total autonomy.

Let's try to understand what his story is and why it became so famous.

Who is Donato De Caprio: the huge success on Tik Tok

With its 37 million likes and about 1,5 millions of followers, Donato De Caprio is now a star of Tik Tok. He started by posting videos of making sandwiches for his customers, gigantic sandwiches, stuffed with many quality products, show yourself in the foreground and that immediately made everyone's mouth water.

The videos went viral in the blink of an eye and the delicatessen is definitely the most famous on Tik Tok at the moment.

Prosciutto, mortadella, salami, tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, casareccio bread, fresh basil, basil pesto, cheese seasoned, flavored cheeses, these are the products of huge greedy sandwiches preparing Donato and seeing his videos makes you want to go into the shop to order one right away.

His iconic phrase, which has become famous, is: "with or without crumb? " and this is the question he asks customers to find out whether or not to remove the crumb from sandwiches.

Yet something no longer went the right way and thecompany he worked for did not welcome this success, even if it has not officially communicated the reasons.

The farewell to the videos on site, he can no longer publish them: the company's decision

Very disappointed, Donato posted a video with the explanation of the choice of the company explaining with these words:

Here I am, good evening everyone. A very important warning: as always, I put my face in it and I will continue to do so. The company "Ai Monti Lattari" told me tonight that I don't have to make more videos as for the shop. It is their choice, I am their employee and I will have to do what they asked me to do. Now I ask a courtesy of you: do not ask me for more photos, video greetings because I will not be able to take them anymore. We will have to downsize a little, I will no longer be doing TikTok as far as the world of my trade is concerned. Thanks and good evening everyone.

His large numbers of fans immediately have protested with thousands of comments and do not approve the decision.

The reaction of the followers: the protests

The protests of the lots of fans of the Neapolitan butcher who are not there and wanted to continue to see his videos at the facility.

Hugely disappointed they reacted with many types of comments in which they criticize the bosses because they are afraid that he will become richer than them, or they propose to open his own business or even threaten not to go to the shop again if Donato does not return to make sandwiches.

In any case, however, everyone wanted the return of the most famous butcher to Tik Tok of this social network and its delicious sandwiches.

The closure of the channel by TikTok

Due to some of his mistakes, the company that owns the social network, or TikTok, decided to close the channel in early August.

Donato, as evidenced by many users, had recently started advertising channels of betting online. An action outside the TikTok regulation that did not look at the numbers of the butcher and closed the channel.

The reopening of the channel, TikTok launches a warning?

On August 8, TikTok decides to reopen the channel and he says his, that the closure was due to a video with his children at the sea which led to a misunderstanding by the algorithms of TikTok.

An answer that made many turn up their noses, given that perfume and betting advertisements were under the eyes of many while now this type of video has disappeared from its feed.

There has probably been a warning from TikTok: beware of the content you post.

The dismissal from "Ai Monti Lattari"? No, he quit

During September the famous TikToker left his job at “ai monti lattari”. There are many doubts about it, according to what he himself declares, the choice to leave that job to devote himself to new projects was his, while some criticisms move in a completely different direction, even speaking of dismissal.

The truth was not very clear in the early days and no official documents are available, but the TikToker still today reports that he left his job and it is presumable that he went like this, considering the opening of "Con Mollica o Senza da Donato"

In the meantime, the activity of “Ai Monti Lattari” seems to have opened its own TikTok channel independently, partly taking up again what was Donato's format.
Activity contrary to the limit imposed on TikToker which was prevented from posting further content by the venue.

Have they changed their minds?

Il 16 November Donato communicated the restoration of the original TikTok account and the opening of a club with Stevan Basalari, a famous entrepreneur.

Il 7 December was Donato's delicatessen was officially presented, opened in Naples with investment by Steven Basalari.

@ donatodecaprio3

our new delicatessen (work in progress) 🥖

♬ original sound – Donato – With crumb or without

The name of the venue? “With breadcrumbs or without da Donato”, recalling the trend that made it popular.

The logo controversy: Donato asks social media for a logo without any preparation

On December 13th Donato publishes a new video, always about his new business, asking his audience to create him a logo, the best one will then be selected by him and chosen as the business logo.

From there a big controversy started, given that many professional graphic designers considered Donato's approach wrong, as well as unprofessional.

In fact, the accusation is the following: the production of a logo is not a mere graphic or illustration work, it is a question of representing the company in its entirety, from the logo in its various forms, to communication styles, fonts, colors and much more. Developing a logo without having evaluated these aspects is equivalent to having a drawing produced, the result will be incomplete and merely aesthetic, non-functional.

The work of the professionals who make the proposals should be paid.
Blame him.

Subsequently Donato showed the chosen work, which was harshly criticized as a mere illustration inadequate as a logo.

@ donatodecaprio3

thanks to everyone who participated, there were so many of you 🥖❤️

♬ original sound – Donato – With crumb or without

Donato's restaurant and the official inauguration

On February 19 Steven Basalari and Donato have officially opened their new venue site in Via Pignasecca 29, ironically a few meters from "Ai monti lattari", the delicatessen where Donato worked.

Various controversies have arisen due to the proximity between the two places, but those who have followed Donato know that originally their delicatessen it had to take place in a completely different area, but problems related to the chosen structure did not allow us to proceed and the choice of venue varied.

@ donatodecaprio3

2.5kg provolone?

♬ original sound – Donato – With crumb or without

What does Donato do with the crumb when you ask for sandwiches without?

A very frequent question that Donato is systematically asked under each video is: but what do you do with the crumb? do you throw it?

Donato has already answered this question, even with a dedicated video, whose solution is actually very simple: is donated to a fisherman, Pasqualino, or used to make meatballs.
Nothing is thrown away.

@ donatodecaprio3

what do i do with the breadcrumbs?

♬ original sound – Donato – With crumb or without

@ Donato's official TikTok channel

The murder of Donato's mother

Giant Rose, mother of the famous tiktoker butcher Donato De Caprio, was killed at his home in Naples. The neighbor Stefania Russolillo was arrested for the murder, with motive appearing to be related to futile reasons, as the mail theft and personal spite.

Russolillo's husband contacted the police suspecting his wife's involvement in the crime. The woman is in prison and made a partial confession, while the results of the autopsy are awaited to further clarify the dynamics of the murder.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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