DOC 3, previews and plot of the episode January 18th. Difficulties for Federico (Giacomo Giorgio)

Argentero in DOC 3

Il 18st January marks an important turning point in “Doc In Your Hands 3“, with significant developments that are of interest above all Federico, the new addition to the cast, masterfully played by James George. In fact, many were waiting for the camera to focus on this talented boy who has already had enormous success with his performance of “Ciro” in Mare Fuori.

What happens in the January 3th episode of DOC 18

In first episode of the evening, we witness Doc which deepens research into its disappeared memories, discovering new traces of his past. Giulia, emotionally linked to Andrea, finds herself at a professional crossroads, while an influential orchestra conductor and a well-known blogger find themselves in hospital, creating new dynamics and challenges, especially for Federico.

Il second episode reveals further twists. Andrea Fanti he comes across new clues about his past and in the meantime, a baker with mysterious symptoms arrives at the hospital. Federico feels under pressure, and Riccardo (interpreted by Pierpaolo Spollon) faces a difficult case. Interpersonal relationships intensify, especially those between Riccardo e Martina, adding further layers of complexity to the plot.

Where to see DOC 3

DOC 3 – in your hands with Luca Argentero is broadcast with two episodes each week which will be broadcast every Thursday evening up Rai 1. We start from the hours 21:30 with the first episode and 22:40 for the second episode of the evening.

Where to see DOC 3 in reruns

Reruns of “Doc nelle Tue Mani 3” are available for those who are unable to follow the live broadcast and for those who want to see the actors on stage again. Just connect to the platform RaiPlay to find the episodes that will be uploaded after they air.

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