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Luca Argentero in DOC 3
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The wait for the gran finale of the third edition of “Doc – In Your Hands" is about to end. The episodes 15 and 16, aired on 7 March 2024, take us straight to the final beats of this season.

When does DOC 3 end?

La third season di “DOC” is approaching its epilogue. The latest episodes will be sent on 7 March 2024, marking the end of this exciting season. Initially the finale was scheduled for February 29th, but it was postponed to make way for one of the evenings of Sanremo Music Festival 2024.

- audience will be able to witness the conclusion of the intense events that have characterized this series, closing an important chapter in the life of Doctor Fanti and its hospital team.

Argentero in DOC 3

How many episodes are there?

La third season di “DOC” is composed of 16 episodes, divided into eight weeks of programming. Everything is fine Thursday, two new episodes are transmitted, thus allowing a narrative fluid e dynamic. This format is ideal for keeping audience always interested, leaving time to process the events of each episode.

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Will there be DOC 4?

While the third season approaches the conclusion, i fan di “DOC” they're already starting to wonder if there will be one fourth season. There are currently none official announcements, but hopes remain high. The audience they are eager to find out what the final destination of their favorite characters and whether their stories will find new evolutions in a potential one fourth season.

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