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Il 2024 opens with the highly anticipated third season of “Doc. In your hands", one of TV series most followed of the year. On air Rai 1 starting January 11, this season consists of 16 episodes divided into eight evenings.

Luca Argentero, in the protagonist role Andrea Fanti, faces new emotional and professional challenges on a journey through memories and reality. The audience can already enjoy the first two episodes on RaiPlay, anticipating the television experience.

Where we were (DOC 2 summary)

In the second season, we left Andrea Fanti (Luca Argentero), survived a coma and to one memory loss 12 year old, dealing with the challenges of pandemic. Now, in the third season, Fanti is faced with the difficulty of making peace with his lost memories, in a journey of personal rediscovery and professional.

Returned to his role as head of Internal Medicine of the Ambrosiano Polyclinic of Milan, Fanti is accompanied by key figures such as Agnese Tiberi (Sarah Lazarus) to Giulia Giordano (Matilde Gioli), each with their own secrets and intricate relationships.

DOC 3, previews of the first episode 11 January 2024

The first episode, entitled “Awakenings“, you see Doc face his return as head physician. With new ones responsibility and the pressure of one administrative director which threatens the closure of the department, Doc must balance administration with patient care.

The return of a lost memory adds complexity to the department dynamic, bringing turbulence among team members, in particular Giulia e Riccardo, put to the test by the new residents.

The new characters of DOC 3 and the debut of Giacomo Giorgio

The third season of “Doc. In your hands" introduces new characters, among which stands out James George in the role of Federico Lentini, a resident with a privileged background and ambitions to become an ophthalmologist.

The series also welcomes Martina Carelli (Laura Cravedi), a brilliant graduate student with a secret that could affect her career, and Lin Wang (Elisa Wong), a young Milanese woman of Chinese origins, determined to follow her path in medicine.

When DOC 3 airs

"Doc. In your hands” airs on Rai 1 each Thursday, starting from 11 January 2024. Spectators can follow the events of Andrea Fanti and his team in prime time, at 21:30, enjoying two episodes a night.

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