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Back “DOC In Your Hands” with new episodes the 15 February 2024, immediately after the Festival of Sanremo. This time, up Raiuno, the series dives even deeper into the complex dynamics between Andrea Fanti and his colleagues, exploring lost memories and everyday challenges in the Ambrosiano Polyclinic. With a mix of tension and touching moments, the series promises to keep viewers glued to the screen.

Luca Argentero in DOC 3

What happens in DOC 3 on February 15th

DOC 3 – episode 9, 15 February 2024

The return of “DOC In Your Hands” brings winds of change. The 15 February, episodes 9 and 10 reveal new challenges. In “Avoidance”, Doc he finds himself struggling with the fear that his memories will resurface, leading him to consider leaving the department. This move leaves Giulia in a state of confusion, especially when a patient with a past similar to that of Fanti arrives at the hospital. In the meantime, Barbara comes dangerously close to Enrico, risking confusing admiration with affection.

DOC 3 – episode 10, 15 February 2024

"The human factor” you see Andrea and his team challenge artificial intelligence in a race against time to save a patient. Tension increases when Martina finds himself at an ethical crossroads, and Agnese must deal with a choice that could change everything, while protecting a dark secret.

Where to review DOC 3

RaiPlay is the destination for anyone who wants to stay up to date with “DOC In Your Hands”. Accessible with a simple registration, the platform offers live and on-demand streaming of the episodes, allowing you to catch up on any missed moments or relive the entire series. Whether you prefer to watch from a mobile device or from the comfort of home, RaiPlay ensures that every fan can follow the events of the Ambrosiano Polyclinic without missing a beat.

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