DOC 3, episodes February 22th. Plot and previews of the episodes

Andrea Fanti of DOC 3

We're racing towards the season finale of DOC 3, in fact there are now a handful of appointments left. On this evening of 22 February 2024 the scene turns on again on Rai 1, where Luca Argentero, in the role of the iconic doctor, guides us through new emotions and challenges. With well two episodes ready to shake the audience, we are approaching decisive moments of the season.

Plot of episode 11 DOC 3, February 22, 2024

In the first episode of the evening, the Ambrosian finds himself managing not only medical emergencies. Andrea Fanti, at the center of the storm, struggles between professional and personal dilemmas. The fracture with Agnese becomes deeper, while Giulia appears like a distant mirage. The department experiences hours of tension, with Teresa who fights to guarantee a place for a young patient, a sign of humanity in the midst of chaos.

Plot of episode 12 DOC 3, February 22, 2024

The second episode catapults us into a whirlwind of emotions with a earthquake which shakes the foundations of the hospital and the lives of the protagonists. Linen he is assailed by anxiety for his loved ones, while Riccardo makes a surprising choice. Federico he is faced with a difficult test, and Martina risks having his biggest secret revealed. In the meantime, Giulia returns just in time to face an unprecedented crisis.

Where to review DOC 3

Don't miss the opportunity to relive every moment of this adrenaline-filled season. The replicas of DOC 3 are available on RaiPlay, the episodes are uploaded immediately after broadcast on Rai 1. At the moment all the seasons of DOC are available, therefore the first, the second and also the third in progress.

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