It's Always Midday postponed, Antonella Clerici is ill

it's always midday postponed

Yesterday viewers waited in vain for the broadcast of It's Always Midday. Other times it happened that the program came postponed, but this time the suspension is due to a Antonella Clerici's health problem. Here's what happened.

Why It's Always Midday didn't it air?

Il 10 October, viewers noticed the absence of the long-awaited episode of “It's Always Noon”. Although in priority the program had been suspended due to the celebrations ofthe 60th anniversary of the Vajont disaster, this time the reason was different.

Antonella Clerici he stated that was not feeling well and, therefore, the program was not broadcast. The news was disclosed through various information channels and confirmed by the same Rai1.

How is Antonella Clerici now

Antonella Clerici, the darling of the Italian public, has made known the presence of a thermometer and an oximeter next to a remote control.

Although the presenter did not provide specific details on his condition, it is clear that his health is a cause for concern. The caption accompanying the photo was eloquent: “I hope to recover soon for 'Es Semper Mezzogiorno'”.

The public and fans of Antonella Clerici they reacted with concern and affection to the news of his ailment. Many users on social media expressed fears that the presenter could be suffering from COVID-19, given the use of a pulse oximeter in the photo. However, Antonella Clerici he did not provide further details, maintaining a certain degree of confidentiality about his condition.

Antonella Clerici will be replaced by It's Always Midday?

At the moment, no official information has been provided on the possible replacement di Antonella Clerici as host of “It's Always Noon”. The program is a pillar of the program schedule of Rai1, and a possible replacement would represent a significant change. Until further announcements, viewers can only wait for e to hope in the ready recovery of the popular presenter.

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